A chance encounter, as one Qiannian

Who disturbs my quiet life, it is that you do?Who I inexplicable trouble, is it you?Who changed my world, you do?Yes, you, your mystery。。。。.. South to play through, it will inadvertently for you and tales of a time I will turn gray hair black hair can disconsolate……    In the afternoon, the rain stopped in front of that curtain, you can still damp air。Hazy mood smoke or fog, I saw who seem ambiguous figure。I thought this is the legendary southern misty rain it?    I hold up my obsession has been that the long paper umbrella, carrying a hint of a smile, walking foot on spotless bluestone path, leisurely walk, while greedy sucking Xianjie fresh air after the rain, but could not help returning students satisfaction。Soon came a small wooden bridge, the bridge and no other person, only one pair of young men and women leaning forward to whisper in the ear bridge Minato。I guess my heart is given an appointment from, say lingering whisper。But never mind, I just only a dozen passers-through from their side, without problems。Willows growing on the bridge just like the general bathed the girl looked juicy, pleasant, look, I do not hold back and shy away。Not wishing strayed into an alley, the alley distant, lingering, clean, indigo-colored stone walls, feels, cold fingertips……A bunch of strange eyes on me, just to look, I can not help but face again in a burst of blush, shy to indulge。Because all that different buildings temperament and water as gentle eye, became a deep memory。    Unexpected encounter, people have been caught unprepared。Not too many words, but there is no deliberate commitment, vertical meet by chance, has become miss the start。Since then, every night of the stars are you, are you the moon; the sun every day is you, you are setting sun; Each diary is written by you; every bullet is your first song……    Said water south is spiritual, I would like to send my thoughts water flow, should the day you scooped up a handful of water that allows you to generate a sense of deja vu, remember, that was my true feelings drops!    No matter how long, I am willing to wait for!Time quietly flowing quietly away, journeying to wait for the delay in returning direction!