28 + 6 + 6!16 points three single punch MVP-LECTRA strongest demons

  Beijing on March 13, today's Houston Rockets ushered in the first two games back to back, at home against San Antonio Spurs。
James – Harden back of the field, three punch, his audience 17 6 shots, one-third as shown in FIG. 11, the penalty 14 142, 28 points (16 points in section III), and six rebounds and six assists。
Rockets to 109-93 victory over Spurs。   After the loss to the Raptors end 17-game winning streak, Harden missed yesterday's game because of injury, the result of the rocket – Chris Paul win under the leadership of the Lone Ranger, to return to winning ways。 The field before the game, Mike – Mike D'Antoni is happily announced: Harden comeback today。
  Spurs recent bad state, and the field shorthanded, also suffered start wake-up call, sit back and watch the rockets hit a wave of 11-0, was to 4-13 behind, even Greg – Popovich also under the wrath of the play within five under five, and then he immediately removed first appearance near Brin – Forbes, and all this Baiha Deng gift。 He once foul, 2nd and Clint – Capella sparks, letting foul Forbes "beaten" in his defense。
  Harden outside the field feel bad, half the audience score from the penalty, and this is the 12th of his career, the fourth season single-game get at least 14 free throws and no one missed。
Before the games, according to statistics StatMuse, Harden had six consecutive seasons shooting free throws than the number of hits, the fans said with a smile: "To be good 'Harden rule' it?"Until just 5 minutes 28 seconds Harden layup hand surgeon, had just opened warfare。
3 minutes and 59 seconds, Harden staged a wonderful scene, after changing hands crotch confuse opponents, Nene diversionary pass hit the basket, a series of realistic fake opponent scratching their heads, but also make the audience exclaimed。 Section 2 minutes and 52 seconds Harden once again showed tremendous "trick", he pretended breakthrough "Hey cake", but went dumped succeeded, even Capella are "deceived"。 2 minutes 16 seconds, Harden even grab two offensive rebounds, went to the corner and then soared in 3 minutes, Spurs came flapping anti Shoubu Zhu feet, actually fell out of an off-site。
  Halftime, Harden scored 12 points, fly in the ointment is one-third feel cold, only 1 in 6 vote, fortunately the Rockets in the "light bulb combination" work together, has reached double-digit lead。   After halftime adjustments, Harden took over the game in the third quarter。 He first pass Trevor – Trevor Ariza hit a 3, followed by 2 consecutive With Nene cover, once the basket to get points, a pull-third succeeded。 5 minutes 26 seconds behind the arc Harden "pengci" Brandon – Paul, 3 penalty 3, the Rockets leading up to 20+。
Then, even with a fine cast Harden, then scored 6 points, to help seal the victory rocket。 The audience was also impressed by his performance, when he stood on the free-throw line resounded through the audience "MVP" cries。
  Harden scored 16 points single, unstoppable, but he looks like this is still not satisfied。
After the end of this section a bomb out of the box, something more to say, he went so far as to the chagrin of fists。 Interestingly, this time Harden scored three freeze in 28 minutes, and 2 rounds before the season vs. the Spurs, Harden also scored 28 points, media ridicule: "This is life ah!"Rockets this season, the Spurs three games to achieve victory, dengue have played very well, Manu Way back cover and the sixth worst performance of the playoffs against the Spurs last year was, Harden seems to have been out of demons, if the two teams meet in the playoffs this year, dengue season is expected to continue high-performance light。   A short break in order to work better, this field Harden perfect interpretation of this point, nearly the playoffs, the Rockets might also need to consider consider a holiday。 (Demons) Disclaimer: Sina exclusive articles, prohibit unauthorized reprint!。