Armed with a knife hijacked hostages To ignite the gas special warfare armed with his arms fell back Qinxiong

Cover: Sergeant Cao Cao Yi Yi Wu Min Zhang Xin ■ failure to win a victory and a "killed" the same effect – let Cao Yi sergeant in "The Devil Week" notorious。
But Cao Yi my heart, the joy of victory has long been indifferent, "killed" the shame has set off a tidal wave。
  "The devil Week" has not yet begun, the new special operations in asking: "Who is Cao Yi?"After all, two years ago that combat, Cao Yi won Hewei name。
  That June, a hijacked hostages。
Cao Yi saw the assailants one hand grasping the knife in one hand and held up a lighter, ready to ignite the gas, and the hostages die。
  Cao Yi for the first time participate in anti-hijacking combat, not dare storm, careful reconnaissance found a security door is loose。
Cao Yi decided to diversion, division of labor with the players。 Naturally, as the squad leader, Cao Yi broke the greatest risk of attack for yourself。   Over there, a player from the window feint。 Here, Cao Yi, kick open the door。
Seeing criminals brandished a knife and stabbing the hostages, Cao Yi straight left and right cross-kick, again a trick with his arms fell back directly to the bottom pressure in the body criminals。
Less than two minutes to end the fighting。
  The higher the Assembly small will praise, praise his comrades face behind。 Cao Yi withstand the "wise and brave the knife Tigers" aura, has been invited to go to a sister unit, about combat experience, combat experience sharing。   Guessed, the story becomes real training "accidents"。 Cao Yi, the effect underestimate the enemy, miscues, attracted a noisy debate。
  "Devil weeks' training, actual combat against the red and blue。
Cao Yi team asked: "squad leader, how to play?"" The Blues only, can be worse than the real criminals?"Cao Yi confidence burst table。
  Blues unknown number of people, occupying 3 storey independent building, also laid the 2-meter-high barbed wire。
Scout found, things have barbed wire on both sides of a diameter of about half a meter hole。 Two other special operations team was attacked in the hole, collective "killed"。
  "Diversion!"Cao Yi thought," a fresh recruit, eat days!"Feint east side, broke into the south。 In the darkness, with Cao Yi, who cut the barbed wire, quickly sneak into the first floor, and arrested "prisoners"。
Cao Yi interrogation that: "Blues second and third floors each have two guard the stairs, three hostages held in the third floor of independence。
"Tear gas, grenades, laser guns……A crackling through the exchange of fire, four Blues were successfully 'killed'。
Cao Yi found the room held hostage, saw the hostages tied together。
  "I'll save you!"Cao Yi said, and ran towards the hostages。 Voice uttered, heard "pop" a gunshot。
Smoke filled。 It turned out that after the Blues sniper hiding in the curtains, shot and killed Cao Yi。   This battle, sink like a stone。 Seeing victory in sight, how would miscues?Cao Yi, a sleepless night, a long time wandering in the playground。
  East Dawning。 Several new players while practicing physical, and discussing。 A asked: "Cao said the squad is living through real heroes, how it will effect at a critical moment underestimate the enemy?"Another said:" Winner takes all。
On the battlefield, killed only in the moment, there may be fleeting life……"Cao Yi heard in the ears, heart badly。
  "Do not think that anyone, participated in several combat, took several 'ultimate warrior training' badge, lying on the laurels will be able to win the war。
"Replay wrap-up meeting, dispatch group warned us:" This is the latest case of actual combat international terrorism。
To effectively deal with increasingly complex anti-terrorism situation, first of all to avoid arrogance。
Furthermore, we should understand that our training standards far higher than the actual……"" Victory can not arrogance, not defeated Holderness。
"Cao Yi will remark in mind, re-read," In actual combat, we may also encounter 'soft touch', but 'the devil weeks' training, all the opponents are "steels walnut' copper peas "。 Naturally, only the training to adapt to the most demanding standards and be victorious in combat。
'Group meeting, Cao Yi, the initiative to do the review: "forest land search, I simply dash, resulting in two teammates were killed; in Figure march to the old special warfare itself, refusing to adopt reasonable proposals, the group almost missed 1 coordinate points……"Cao Yi took the initiative to self-fire, with the team return to the training field……I went to the 'devil weeks'。
"Recruits" Cao Yi led the team three battles Jie。
  And then a war, arrest suspects, "recruits" Cao Yi and Lixin Gong。 Everyone praised: "lost in triumph, the supreme glory!"(Picture Photography: Strong Tao Chang) voices the eyes of the enemy have time ■ Cao Yi war on terror, there is no permanent victory, only the status quo of the enemy。 War against terrorism long way to go, I will always be new recruits。