Why more and more high school students suffering from AIDS?(1)

  In our minds, the term represents the innocence of high school students, eager to learn, energetic, and data in recent years we have to admit there are some narrow cognitive: 2011 to 2015, China 15?24-year-old high school students infected with HIV net annual growth rate has reached 35%。
Data show that the country increased 100,000 new cases of infection per year, an increase of nearly 10,000 per month。
Of these, the largest proportion of the number of students is not what we expected, but a time when high school students the Mood for Love。In this age infected with HIV, which is likely to completely change their life trajectory, even more seriously ruin their life directly。  Why are more and more high school students suffering from AIDS?First, we need to understand the mode of transmission of AIDS。
The main mode of transmission of AIDS, there are three, namely, sexual transmission, mother to child transmission and blood transmission。First, we can rule out that mother to child transmission, mother to child transmission if it is, then, AIDS also attack already, and the rest of it we need a careful analysis of the spread of blood-borne and。  One reason for transfusion or blood donation is essentially formal channels are not infected with HIV, which is why the law prohibited people to sell blood of black blood bank。Sanitation can not be guaranteed, there is also the risk of re-use, it is easy to suffer from blood-borne diseases by way of。
But the spread of AIDS is not limited to blood donation and transfusion, it may also be infected through drug use。
  Here is the drug intravenous drug use, the drugs by intravenous injection device injected directly into the way drug users are generally funds spent on the purchase of drugs, so their syringes and needles are alternately repeated use。However, only a very meager AIDS can spread blood is released, so, drug users, as long as there is one person infected with HIV, and then he used a syringe with a lot of people have the possibility of infection with HIV。In China, AIDS among drug users in the number of people accounted for ninety percent of the national AIDS patients。  High school students should be the main way HIV is a sexually transmitted。  High school students strong positive phase of adolescent development, puppy love, with not very clear understanding of the meaning of responsibility, it is easy to Tousijinguo。And lack of knowledge or because of some other reason for not using condoms, not just sex between heterosexual HIV infection would, sex between same sex is also very easily lead to the spread of AIDS。
  Tattoos, eyebrow might spread of AIDS!  High concentrations of HIV as long as the drop of blood to quit, you can stock up for four days at room temperature environment。If a healthy person and that contains a high concentration of HIV in contact with drops of blood, which touches on the skin happens to be damaged, the AIDS virus will enter a healthy person's body, lymphocytes encounter can continue to replicate。Low blood levels of HIV, the AIDS virus can survive in dry naturally after two hours。
And we know today tattoos, eyebrow, plastic surgery and other cosmetic micro-projects are needed to pierce the skin of the orthopedic devices If you happen to be the last contact with the blood of AIDS patients, do not any after that thoroughly disinfected, then the next person to use these equipment will be at risk of HIV infection。
  So how do we prevent AIDS?  1, be sure that in terms of this one to maintain sexual relations, not to indulge in it and beggars。Here also includes MSM, and the proportion of HIV infection among homosexual than heterosexual ratio between。  2, prohibited drugs, and others do not share a syringe, even if no matter how good the relationship is not OK。  3, this type of behavior and the use of blood products transfusion, can be carried out under the guidance of a professional doctor, prohibit unauthorized actions。
  As shown, just in case, toothbrushes, razors and other personal items and others do not share 4。  5, is one of condoms in sexual ways to prevent AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, the most effective。For the sake of their own and others' health, away from home, a condom or necessary to carry。