Do not be afraid to get angry winter, ten vegetables help your heat down!(1)

  Winter dry and hot in vogue, so many people will appear symptoms get angry。
This is mainly caused due to abnormal human metabolism, diet conditioning needs in a timely manner, so as not to cause more harm to health。
Lit is a situation in our daily lives is prone to the weather change some of the outside world, or to change the individual's mood changes as well as the external environment and so will lead to the emergence lit。If the situation appeared to get angry, do not need immediately taken to hospital, they can usually eat some foods with nourishing yin efficacy in, so too can play a good effect down as。
In life there are many foods can clear fire lungs, with a look!  1, spinach Spinach is high nutritional value of vegetables。
Spinach leaf petiole sharp, thin blade, thick roots, sugar division multiple; rotundifolia spinach sheet Rouhou。Spinach carotene content is much higher than other vegetables, vitamin?Although lower than the content of peppers is higher than tomatoes, and which has a hemostatic effect of vitamin contained?It is the highest in leafy vegetables。Drying winter, spinach is rich in riboflavin, prevent mouth ulcers, cheilitis, dry eyes role。  Spinach has the effect of nourishing yin, liver and nourishing, is most suitable for nourishing vegetables and spinach conducive to the stomach, helps the body detox, to bad breath, dry stools better alleviate the effects of the symptoms hard to get angry。  2, cauliflower cauliflower substances rich in vitamins, per 200 grams of fresh cauliflower can provide the desired one day for adults over 75% of vitamin A。
Vitamin C ^ content more prominent, hectogram up to 80 mg, than the usual cabbage, bean sprouts content 3-4 times higher, 2 times per cent more than the content of citrus。Chinese medicine has always been a "white color into the lungs," said the white cauliflower is undoubtedly a timely healthcare vegetables。  3, celery, celery cool, sweet Sim, stomach Liver, rich in proteins, carbohydrates, carotenoids, vitamin C, amino acid, iron, potassium, etc., can effectively relieve fatigue, and expectorant effects caused by potassium。
Celery with Xianggan, such as fried pork, colorful and smells good.。
  Celery is a variety of celery, celery with its health effects have the same purpose。Celery, sweet, bitter, cold, lungs, stomach, liver, has Pinggan heat, expelling wind and dampness, for high blood pressure, dizziness, headache, eye red carbuncles and so have a good effect。
Although almost celery and celery health effects, but because celery is a foreign variety, dietary fiber content of more than one chip left the country parsley, if people fall dry Huo cause dry stool, constipation, and many more can eat celery good constipation。  4, cucumber cucumber has obvious Qingrejiedu, detoxifies, thirst effect, cucumber acid can promote the body's metabolism, detoxify。
Cucumber containing alcohol acid can inhibit fat production, and can promote the human intestinal cellulose material exclusion corruption and decrease cholesterol, to achieve weight loss and strength of。  5, lotus root lotus root is the king of oriental vegetables, rich in polyphenols, can improve the immune system, but also anti-aging。Further, after the lotus processing to cooked, its nature by the cool temperature, although the loss elimination silt, heat performance, but then stomach beneficial, have stomach yin, blood, diarrhea effect。
Lotus is a treasure, because the lotus of sweet, taste flat, can clearing away heat, lungs and cough。Lotus high nutritional value, rich in iron, calcium, trace elements, plant protein, vitamins and starch content is also very rich, with a clear replenishing qi and blood, strengthen the immune system role。TCM so called: "the main fill in repose, Qi Li"。Further lotus root contains a lot of tannic acid, contraction of blood vessels, it can be used to stop the bleeding。Lotus also cooling, bulk blood, Chinese medicine, hemostasis without leaving stasis, is to share fever diet hyperlipidemia。
  6, cabbage Chinese cabbage slightly cold, sweet, stomach fluid, Chufan thirst, diuretic laxative, detoxification function, some Hyperactivity cough, constipation is very effective。Cabbage cellulose not only can play intestines, promoting detoxification, but also to promote the body's absorption of cabbage animal protein containing the protein, vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, helps to enhance the body eat immune function, weight loss fitness also help。  7, lettuce lettuce fresh and delicious, good detoxification heat effect。Fresh lettuce and slightly bitter taste, can stimulate the secretion of digestive enzymes, detoxification significant heat effect。
Lettuce has the role of phlegm, purging fire detoxification, Lee gas Chest, and mediastinoscopy Fanre, cough, sputum, abdominal nausea eat less, milk barrier, urine disadvantaged after eating are valid for children, but also of help teething, the role of permanent teeth。
  8, white radish turnip containing mustard oil, amylase and crude fiber, with the promotion of digestion and enhance appetite, and accelerate gastric peristalsis of cough and phlegm。
Appropriate to eat some white radish, especially eaten raw, not only in addition to greasy, aid digestion, only cough, but can Sheng Jin detoxification, clearing away heat, the role of vitamin supplements。
  9, Chinese medicine bitter, bitter sweet nature, detoxification detoxification, skincare, can Chuxie hot, remove the body of harmful substances, solution Laofa, eyesight, relieve inflammation of ingredients is the preferred。Bitter gourd is not only rich in dietary fiber, can delay the absorption of lipids; it also contains a high vitamin C, can accelerate the metabolism of lipids。  10, the gourd has Qingre。
Ancient medical books and his "Compendium of Materia Medica" both loofah can say "Qingre bowel"。Eat loofah soup can be refreshing and soothing。Cooking time should not be long soup, best to maintain the bright green color of the loofah。
Boil together loofah gourd skin and flower water cup of tea, but also heatstroke antipyretic effect。