Men sit 31 years of unjust imprisonment awarded $ 1 million: My life was taken away

  March 23 Xinhua, "Central News Agency" reports, Tennessee in 1978, a sixty man accused of theft, sexual assault, convicted and imprisoned court, 31 years in prison because of DNA evidence before scrubbing clean。
Today, the State Government Appeals Board ruled that he be awarded $ 1 million in compensation。
  Tennessee Appeals Board (TennesseeBoardofClaims) 21 Ri voted unanimously ruled that 61-year-old McKinney (LawrenceMcKinney) take a miscarriage of justice 31 years, it should be awarded $ 1 million。
This amount is the maximum compensation amount within the purview of the Appeals Board, to be ruling。   In mid-1978, McKinney was charged in Memphis (Memphis) on suspicion of theft, sexual assault, and the jury convicted。 In 2009, DNA evidence has proved his new innocence。   Tennessee Gov. Haslam (BillHaslam) in December last year issued an executive order declaring innocence McKinney, McKinney let the Road Executive Order to Expand justice proceedings, it was put forward false imprisonment (wrongfulimprisonment) Appeal and claims。