Why would a man nocturnal emission gender knowledge Know

Why would a man nocturnal emission nocturnal emission may be a lot of male friends who have experienced things, why a man would do the following emission Xiaobian to tell us something about why men nocturnal emission, gender knowledge you Know Why would a man nocturnal emission men to puberty, testicular volume increases, deepen the scrotal skin color, red, thicker penis growth, pubic and armpit hair began to appear, grow a beard and vaguely。 But the response you knew how many men developed to a certain age, due to the reproductive organs mature, in the non-life state, emitted from the urethra phenomenon of semen, becoming nocturnal emission。 After puberty, testicular sperm continuously, seminal vesicles, prostatic glands and the bulbourethral glands continue to produce secretions, when stored in vivo to a certain amount, it is necessary to discharge。
Thus, the emission is a physiological phenomenon, almost every adolescent men will happen。
Our boy wet dream occurred roughly around the age of 15, the youngest emission currently taking place 11 years to around 17 years of age, 95 per cent of men are too wet dream occurs, the individual does not appear the boys always wet dream, is not necessarily abnormal。
Married but separated the two Cowboy, could not have sex for a long time, sometimes wet dream phenomenon may occur。 Emission interval of time, everyone varying lengths。
Why would a man nocturnal emission even if the same person at different times or under different conditions, the length of the intervals are not the same, most of the monthly emission once or twice, there are short as three or four days time, as long as not too often, that is normal。
Frequent nocturnal emission may abdominal pain, lethargy, malaise, dry mouth, tinnitus and other phenomena, which should go to hospital。 Some unmarried young people too frequent nocturnal emission, the main brain of sexual excitement is too strong, associated with frequent masturbation; married often caused due to the sexual intemperance。 This needs to overcome some of the stimulus, such as excessive sexual desire of reading stitch Stubbs painting, film and television work, too much intimacy between men and women and so on, nocturnal emission will occur。
Local physical stimulus, can induce emission, such as tight underwear, blankets friction。
To avoid these factors in order to reduce the number of emission。