Tomorrow the winter solstice winter solstice health three major points

  The winter solstice, the shortest day in the northern hemisphere, the longest night of the day, it's like a turning point, from this day and night getting shorter, and the day grew。   Winter Solstice opened the coldest season of the prologue, after this solar terms, the temperature often will be substantially reduced, the coldest winter also to the。
  But after the winter solstice, the yang slowly rise, is the key to transforming solar terms of yin and yang, as well as disease preventive measures and summer, winter is the best time to disease Toji。
So the ancient winter solstice also metaphorical as the start of a new life。
  North eat dumplings south eat rice balls "dumplings winter solstice surface", in the past people over the winter solstice, eat dumplings, mostly eating customs。
Every winter solstice, rich or poor, is essential dumpling festival food。
  In the south, the prevalence of the winter solstice to eat dumplings, also known as "winter group"。 "Winter group" may be used to worship, give each other relatives can also be used。   1 of the law.Winter Solstice "cold" largest winter can easily be injured by pathogenic cold, cold evil belongs to Yin Xie, easily hurt the body's yang, the body can lead to decreased metabolism, Yang Qi's performance is not warm hands and feet, chills, etc. appear warm, but also It is apt to cause many diseases, relapse or to aggravate。 Cold particularly affects the respiratory system the most obvious, it can reduce the respiratory tract defense capabilities, trigger asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and other respiratory diseases。 Therefore, to prevent the invasion of cold weather。
  2.The profile of the body changes in the weather will change people's body are also affected, cold weather will change what our bodies produce it?The first is the blood pressure, the year the body's blood pressure have different ups and downs, in the summer we will automatically reduce blood pressure, blood pressure and winters will become higher than usual, because the blood vessels in the winter there will be a certain degree of contraction, blood pressure Nature has improved。
  Second is our blood calcium value will change in cold weather, winter, some people will feel leg cramps often, this winter with a decline in the body's serum calcium level。 Therefore, people should drink plenty of milk, more than the sun, a lot to add some calcium。 In addition, our immune system will reduce winter, especially to the coldest season of the year, this extreme weather can affect the body's immune system, frail people should benefit the body before the cold season, ready。
  3.Daily "Wind" about the cold season, in order to maintain the temperature often behind closed doors, but in non-ventilated environment, prone to dizziness, fatigue, chest tightness, irritability and other phenomena, and even cause respiratory disease。
  Studies have shown that adults per hour takes about 20 liters of exhaled carbon dioxide, such as two people engaged in light work 6 square meters in a closed room, after eight hours of indoor concentration of carbon dioxide can reach a fatal degree。   Therefore, even in the coldest season, during the day and should be the warmest ventilation for 1 hour, 10-15 minutes each time window, it will not only allow the flow of air in the room exit through the window in the sunlight you can play the role of sterilization。