Taiwan and the mainland youth was Huitai measures to increase the "West" wishes

  This article analyzes said it "shows the younger generation on the mainland have been so different views," "when faced with the problem at stake is the future, even more pragmatic."。   The survey also found that, in order to analyze residence, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli respondents are willing not only to the development of the continent accounting for more than half of the mainland's Taiwan identity friendliness and think Huitai measures beneficial to Taiwan Taiwan proportion are each crown area。
"Vision" analysis article that "they drink" is Taiwan's science parks and industrial areas of highest density of cities and counties, local people often due to work back and forth on both sides, which makes them more pragmatic view of the mainland introduced measures to benefit Taiwan。
  For changing views of young people on the island to the mainland, Hong Kai, deputy general manager of environmental protection from Taiwan to Shanghai Lin Wei Cheng profound understanding of the development。 "After 31 announced measures to benefit Taiwan, Taiwan obviously feel more young entrepreneurs and the mainland want to try, try again。
"He said he accepted the Xinhua News Agency reporter Cai Fang。
  Lin Wei-cheng told reporters that 31 Cayman is very huge impact on their own measures。
For example, "a number of measures to promote cross-strait economic and cultural cooperation" (hereinafter referred to as "a number of measures") that "encourage Taiwan compatriots to join the mainland economy, science and technology, culture, arts organizations, professional societies, trade associations, to participate in related activities" this will help him quickly into the social life of the continent, to get more opportunities to communicate with friends in the industry, enhance the ability to adapt to the mainland market。   "A number of measures" that "vigorously promote Taiwanese investment zones and the construction of cross-strait cooperation in the environmental protection industry demonstration base", but also brought opportunities to the development of the Taiwanese youth。 "At present, there are many mainland partners to take the initiative to come to us and discuss cooperation。 "Said Lin Wei Cheng。
  Taiwan Youth Federation Chairman Ho Yi-Cheng told Xinhua News Agency correspondent, currently in the mainland areas of the aviation industry, communication technology and "Internet +" applications, has been the object can be used as learning to emulate Taiwan。 "Cross-strait civilian exchanges and cooperation continue to promote economic and social development of cross-strait integration continues to deepen, the trend is difficult to defy。
"He said that the face 31 measures to benefit Taiwan, the Taiwan authorities should 'good advice', or 'just forcing people especially young people' voting with their feet ''。