The effect of velvet antler should be how to eat

The efficacy of velvet is a very rare, I believe many people like to take it to their own health, because eating good for the body, then the effect of velvet which have introduced together with the small series to see the effect of it antler!Efficacy of spermatogenesis strong bones velvet, velvet strong role for the good of the whole body tonic, it can improve the body's ability to work, improve sleep and appetite, and reduce muscle fatigue。 Antler brain, liver, kidney and other tissues, can significantly increase their oxygen consumption。 For general weakness, and fatigue after a long illness, oral Pantocrinum have a strong role。 Velvet is genetically related to the essence。 Liver and kidney can, "kidney essence the main bone, liver blood reinforcement" it is beneficial to blood, bones and muscles strong power, the treatment of consumptive available weight loss, dizziness, vertigo, atrophy soft line late embolism。 Antler kidney impotence kidney yang, strong Du, from impotence to atrophy, fill complement fine marrow to the drug。
Therefore, clinical use of the treatment of impotence, premature ejaculation, cold uterus infertility, spermatorrhea, incontinence, frequent deafness, cold diarrhea and other production deficiencies kidney disease。
Tiaochong to any uterine bleeding stop antler velvet effect can be used for liver and kidney deficiency, red does not solid, cold limbs, by the multi-color or black uterine hyperlipidemia。 Velvet band stop cold temperature for vaginal A thin water, such as injection quantity, odorless gas, abdominal, and cold extremities, backache petrified, dizziness, urine long so inadequate kidney Deficiency leukorrhagia。
Care drug myogenic。