Four kinds of cuisine for you to rest assured eat supper not worry about obesity

Eat a lot of white-collar workers to work overtime at night will be because, late night can not be avoided。 But at night there is late night very easy to gain weight, do not eat it and hungry, can not work properly。 Then tell what you eat supper at night but do not gain weight thin, so you eat at ease, peace of mind the night shift……Bananas Most people think that fat people eat banana will, in fact, a banana contains only 100 calories, less than half of meals, and one to two times more fiber than rice。 But nutritionists point out a banana to eat too much, it is recommended to eat a banana like the emperor, only 50kcal, but also contain potassium in the banana; potassium is the mineral, not calories, to maintain normal neural transport, so that normal heartbeat, peace of mind。
  Tomatoes Tomatoes are rich in dietary fiber (to help the growth of probiotic bacteria in the gut) and pectin, can fill your stomach, stimulate the satiety center of the brain, while away the intestine acidic metabolic waste, help you sleep intestinal detoxification process is completed。
Moreover, the unique tomato lycopene can inhibit an increase in fat cells。   Low-fat milk, low-calorie, low-fat milk contains tryptophan, an amino acid, these substances can help you sleep better access。
If it is to drink a glass of warm milk before going to bed about an hour, can promote the role of sleep, soothe the nerves, it is good for insomnia。
Further, dairy products are also rich in branched chain amino acids, it can also reduce the synthesis of fat。   Cucumber juice to a liter of fresh milk and cucumbers, 3 mint, made with broken stirring cool cucumber juice, a cup stay up late summer, refreshing and Jiefa。
Cucumber juice contains many elements are needed for hair and nails, can prevent hair loss and nail splitting。
Cucumber juice containing less fat and sugar, is an ideal diet drinks。
Night hungry to have a drink, have a sense of fullness, but not fat Oh。