Garlic before meals or after dinner eat garlic cure stomach ailments do

Garlic and garlic before meals or after meals is a common condiment, has a high nutritional value oh。 So, before meals or after dinner to eat garlic, garlic how to eat cure stomach ailments and 6681 small series with a look at garlic before meals or after dinner to eat introduce it!Garlic eat garlic before meals or after dinner is a meal to eat cold dishes in tune。
Or on the meat noodles to eat。
Garlic great benefit, only harm, head injury。 So it is best to eat at night, or day of rest。
Eat garlic garlic can cure stomach ailments do sterilization described as well known, modern medicine has proved that garlic can kill Helicobacter pylori in the stomach, the role of the prevention of gastric cancer。 1 garlic cure stomach ailments recipe, the garlic bulb green liquor catty garlic, peeled, soaked dry white wine bottles or semi-pure sorghum。
Wine must be one-third higher than the garlic face, soak for about a year, the more the more Chen Jia。 Sooner or later hollow drink a small cup, not only can cure cancer, can be treated and the prevention of all cancers。
2 garlic before meals or after meals, raw garlic dinner take two raw garlic every day, smashed and peeled after the next rice food (raw can chew the better), complete meal mouthwash and chewing tea leaves to lift the mouth odor。
3, garlic tripe soup。