Hot spots scattered deep strong Shanghai weak First Capital would have difficulty leveraging the market

Disk conventional news today Stock Index opened slightly after dropping a wave of rebound, 10:30 See you slow down to close at noon after a full day's high; afternoon stock lower inertia, 14: 14 rebounded after closing at; disk hot spots: chips, fuel cells, new energy vehicles, satellite navigation, OLED concept, graphene, sapphire, green lighting, semiconductor, wine, brokerage and other sector performance is strong; overall: today's market is a narrow range of the stock market。 Among the small water Kanpan unexpected reason, with these words to describe today's market is quite apt。 We say surprise, did not think today would show such a strong market, the reason that makes sense, because the market trend with everyone's judgment is often the opposite of walking, which could explain why the relative market today strong。
Because from the opening bell, the brokerage unit head start, so why brokerage stocks pulled off a wave of frenzy?We should say to keep up with the weekend's two news of a great relationship, on the one hand is the second time relaxed stock index futures, stock index futures during the bailout is being tied up, this is looking at the time was a move to rescue the market, in theory, say, the stock index futures market deregulation constitutes bad, but this depends on who respect。 Stock index futures deregulation is bad for the entire market, but brokers are not necessarily bad, why?Because it means that brokers can increase the intensity of hedging, hedging efforts to strengthen after, they are likely more willing to increase the intensity Jiancang spot, so to some extent, but is good for brokerage。 Another message is to normalize IPO, China Securities Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Zhang assistant Shen Feng said: IPO to normalize。 Weekend announced a 4.4 billion financing 9, in fact, this is bad for the market is concerned, but for the brokerage sector is concerned, may be localized positive, because brokers benefit。
IPO is a unique benefit of the brokerage process, so under both cases, the brokerage has become the main market opening try for the plate today, it is understandable that the。 Today ancillary sectors, including PetroChina, Sinopec also to help maintain the stability of the disk。 In addition, the new energy concept car news constantly。 Gree announced the suspension, it is possible to intervene FAW Xiali, this will not be a silver Zhuhai Long backdoor, we are very concerned about, the new energy vehicles is also reflected in the session。 New energy vehicles will not suddenly end, there may be behind the news constantly, and become a hot stage hype。
Market brokerage sector focus of attack, or some people worried, after all, this sector currently does not have the prerequisite to go bull market, so move up faster, the greater the likelihood of falling。
First Capital is a flashpoint in the brokerage sector is to focus on, because the first Startup Weekend with Jingdong has announced financial restructuring plan does not。 In fact August 2 five days, the largest shareholder of August 26 with the third-largest shareholder also announced a restructuring or stop the sale of the stock plan, talk about the already half a month, fermentation also a bit too late, the main nothing more than take advantage of this time。
First Capital is opening today to open lower, but then the first daily limit, because the largest shareholder, the third largest shareholder is likely to look for an opportunity clearance type holdings, it also may be the major shareholder of transposition, although the statement has stopped but in the last two days of fermentation theme。 Comments sentence: a million marrow will become famous。 Nonsense Pa Road, Shanghai and Shenzhen today showed typical deep-strong Shanghai weak market, stocks are close to twenty-eight differentiation, creating small and medium-rise, large-cap stocks fall。 Today there are several points of concern: 1.The major indices rose, the small plates GEM HSI Shenzhen Component Index on the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 SSE 50 Index on the Shanghai。
Simply put, the more close to the Shanghai-cap stocks, the smaller the increase。 Thus, deep strong Shanghai weak apparent to。 2.Toronto Canada, the consumption of liquor is a large, two approaches, stir fry is also reasonable; in fact, in previous years, the closer the Spring Festival, liquor stocks more readily available hype。 But to be honest this section has been speculation too many times, stir-fry the paste。 3.Brokerage by promising many organizations, see if you can repeat the 2014 Winter's Tale, but now the regulatory mechanism, it is estimated unbearable, after all, these are the big, big amount of money needed。
4.New energy vehicles to maintain close by rumors of speculation situation, deeply involved in the organization is now trying to attract more market attention。 But this plate with white wine, like stir fry too many times this year, could eventually lure more successful, we have to wait and see。 5.In terms of the overall environment, this is the largest market of course depend on the regulatory capacity before an important meeting expectations and maintaining stability of the national team, the biggest hope is that other areas suffered pressure, funds can continue to flow into the stock market。 But on the whole disk, or feeling hot spots scattered, and no effort。
Innovative high shrinkage on the history of things there, unless bull market, otherwise the situation can not be maintained long。