Dog playing cat names? Taiwan to mainland tourists make the old names can not figure out (Figure)

Dog playing cat names? Taiwan to mainland tourists make the old names can not figure out (Figure) || nine large number of tourists shuttling Street。
(Figure: Taiwan, "Wang reported that" profile photo), according to Taiwan, "Wang" reported that many of the old names to make Taiwan the free exercise of mainland tourists can not figure out, many people from the mainland will be interrogated on the network, the origin of nine, Hualien, Kaohsiung and other names especially a lot of free exercise of mainland tourists deep countryside, places of central and southern countryside more interested。   Nine with mainland tourists are very popular tourist attractions, they are now clear, the name originated from the early years of the old village lived only nine or 10 people; as for Hualien, old place names from the sound turn Lan whirl, whirl Lan refers to Parkview is the river's mouth, the water vortex phenomenon。
  As Kaohsiung is the Japanese take the name, originally the old name of the dog, it makes a lot of mainland friends thought it was funny, because Taiwan is a place once called a cat fight (Tamio Township, Chiayi County), so mainland tourists will doubt "next steps will not He has to fight rats?"。
  The most mainland tourists praise Taipei street names, Zhongxiao love Siwei Bade taste。 The free exercise of mainland tourists province "amok" (move around), they will discuss Hengchun, Kenting, Lukang origin of these names on the Internet。
Some people even take the Taiwan Railway train, counting from north to south each station name, also we know that the people of Taiwan have been keen to "Yongbaoankang"。
  In addition, the two sides have a lot of names are exactly the same, such as the Golden Gate tour, you will find Huangcuo, Europe house and other regions, in Xiamen, the other side also; Chiayi County, East Stone Town, Jinjiang City, there are East Stone Town, two Tsai Yi to have relatives of clan。   Overall, the continent most friends have a crush on Taiwan street road names, road names and some very elegant, so even the street signs will be shot into the lens, as evidence of mainland tourists visit it。