Combination Skin care of your maintenance so more beautiful

Highlights combination skin care which have mixed skin combines the characteristics of emotional skin and oily skin, and therefore relatively difficult to care。
So points mixed skin care are what it following small for everyone to talk about the main points of combination skin care, so maintenance is more healthy Oh!Combination Skin care of your combination skin cleansing products clean choice for combination skin, gel texture is very refreshing, very comfortable with them。 Do not wash your face too vigorously, if that?Oil particular word area, wash again be a multi-site in the oil。 Deep care to do 1-2 times a mask, deep cleansing and moisturizing to achieve the purpose of。
If you feel tight and dry skin problem, you can use a special water mask。
Combination Skin care of your own if you feel that the large pores and a serious oil problem, we could try to marine mineral mud mask to extract dirt in the pores, absorb excess oil。
Water oil water oil balance easiest way is to find a balance specifically for combination skin with oil control, moisturizing, nourishing the efficacy of triple emulsion, it can quickly moisten dry areas and reduce?Oil secretion word zone。