Beginning of summer health focuses on nourishing the heart, do four things safely over the summer (1)

  Into the summer, the weather will become very hot this season, be sure to focus on health, the only way to have a good body。Then you know what methods it "the beginning of summer" marks the long summer is about to begin。Four Seasons in summer is a fire, anger through the heart, coupled with the hot weather, sweat leakage, easy to hurt consumption of gas, cause irritability, so pay attention, "Yang Xin"。  Chinese medicine called "heart", in addition to the heart, also includes psychological factors。
Therefore, the summer regimen Morrow cultivation, to keep indifferent to the quiet state of mind, to avoid endogenous Firelight, which is extremely important for summer health, the so-called "心静自然凉"。
  Yang Xin, will convalesce。Early hours, to avoid a lot of sweat, "sweat" out of Yang injury。
In the diet, should adhere to the "bitter by acid reduction, to help kidney liver, nursed back to health Stomach" principle, should be light, eat more vegetables, fruits, whole grains。
Do four things safely over a summer, high summer temperatures heat summer heat, human Firelight more prosperous, so commonly used these drugs have pure heart and fire the role of detoxification, such as chrysanthemum, mint, honeysuckle, forsythia, lotus leaves to remove heat。
  Second, the Winter Disease summer body and the outside world yang sheng, the available internal medicine and acupuncture substandard governance approach to the treatment of some good winter hair disease。
As posted on the acupuncture points with ointments, winter treat asthma and rhinitis。  Further, after prolonged sunshine of summer, morning early, late black。
Therefore, people living daily routine should be followed to make some adjustments, while following the principles stay up late to get up early, the better to increase nap at noon, the brain and the whole body system to rest in a timely manner to eliminate fatigue, keep plenty of energy。  Third, in addition to the spleen is a big evil evil wet summer, coupled with low summer spleen and stomach, people often feel poor appetite, easy to diarrhea, greasy tongue coating, etc. Dampness heavier symptoms, they should often take health spleen dampness was。Usually multiple choice and aromatic dampness spleen dampness products, such as rugosa, lotus, and the like Perrin。
  Fourth, nourishing lung and kidney by the law of the five elements, summer heart Huo and lungs, kidney water virtual failure to pay attention to nourishing the lung and kidney yin。Optional wolfberry fruit, habitat, lily, mulberry, Radix and sour and lung drugs, such as Schisandra, can prevent sweating too, Jin gas Haoshang。