What to eat good food on the esophageal cancer patients with esophageal cancer diet Introduction

Esophageal cancer patient's diet physical conditioning is very important, is not suffering from esophageal cancer have no appetite, but dysphagia, the flow of food in the diet of the way we can use, but also pay attention to nutritional balance, take a look at esophageal cancer patients ate What to eat good food esophageal cancer in patients with esophageal cancer diet 1, esophageal cancer patients need to pay attention more to add to the body of enzymes, enzyme cream eating Swiss life he can, enzymes to help digestion and absorption of food, as well as nutrients contained directly into the body, balanced nutrition, the enzyme has the effect of strengthening cells and prevent cell disease, prevent disease progression, another enzyme supplement can also enhance physical fitness。2, learn to esophageal cancer diet choice of vegetables: Medicinal and Edible, therapeutic anti-cancer effects of both some food, can be targeted to select applications。
Leek, lily, ink vegetables, water shield vegetables, beans, cabbage and other foods beneficial for gastrointestinal cancer。
Everyday foods such as garlic, green tea, soy, etc., are also anti-cancer medicine。3, the diet should be light, not partial addicted, eat contain a lot of vitamins, trace elements and fiber foods, plus new vegetables, seafood, mushrooms, fruits, etc.。
4, early esophageal cancer patients diet to restore: the main use of the greatest in the diet gastrointestinal digestion and absorption capacity, as much as possible to add nutrients to the body strong enough。Eat more fresh foods, protein supplements, vitamins, fats, etc.。Note: Do not drink alcohol, especially against excessive drinking。If you want to drink, should be limited to 2 cups of men, women less than 1 cup (Definition 1 cup beer 250 ml, 100ml of wine or less, liquor 25ml) in。
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