But the words are coming back.,Young and experience this contradiction,Can you expect a life to be perfect?。

And the small entanglement of Tang Tibet,The monkey is squatting on the shoulders of Tang Tang,Looking at the tender Chen Xuanzhen,http://www.sannianjiuban.cn Silent tears。
Chen Xuanzhen is Tang San Tibet,Because the world is different,Therefore, there are two distinctive character and appearance.。
He knows,But why Chen Xuanzhen is not his master?
He is too happy in this world.!
The more I want to make more envious of the monkey,The more you want to be worthless,嘀 咕 老 老 无,If Master is replaced by Chen Xuanzhao,He guarantees that it is the most determined advocator of Xiking。
Not a monkey,Xiao Xuanzhao’s young,He can cheat eight times a night。
It is a pity that you must change。
Do not,No change,Otherwise, he is going to be crazy in the morning and evening.!
The monkey is full of faces to see Tang San,I think about the death of Tang Tang,Chen Xuanzhao,Protect it to the West。
Because Liao Jie also appeared in the line of sight,Monkey immediately gave up unrealistic ideas,Well-behaved,Show yourself is a personal animal harmless pet。
Miao head is very difficult to depress,Half,Sun Wukong eyes bright。
if,He said if,If he is dead because of some unexpected death because of some unexpected,Does it mean a chance?。
Monkey scratching,I feel very good,Fierce in the eyes,Silently said that the world said yourself。
Dead proud friends are not dead,Since two monkeys are going crazy,Just let the opposite are awkward.。
Again,Maybe because it is a gun together,Perhaps it is intimate contact because of the limb,Chen Xuanzhen raised a lot of good feelings on the small small small。
Say that you don’t know,He doesn’t know how to describe it.,I want to be a little more than a while.。
Segment small cleaning is finished,I talked to Chen Xuanzhu for half an hour.,Seeing that his eyes are ignorant to see yourself,Can’t help but evoke the mouth,Close your eyes, rely on him.。
Chen Xuanzhen swallowed the mouth,What is it?,Silently look at yourself,A face。
Failed to get the segment of the segment and open eyes,Brow:“The girl is to kiss her than her eyes.,You can choose not pro,But you can’t ignore,This is for you to pull back face,Because when she takes the moment,Just prove that you have failed。”
Grass,Small particles in the atmosphere,Contracting the sea when making a fish pond, laughing,Tibetan work and reputation have not said。
The level of the five floors,Reviews the underground floor of Chen Xuanzhao,Reasonably is reasonable and uncomfortable,Not http://www.shanqinwang.cn to recruit to the victim。
“Miss Duan,What are you talking about, I can’t understand it.,Would you like this?,Let’s talk to the pig demon”
Chen Xuanzhen, it’s okay.:“My Master said,Pigs are a poor person,Because the beloved wife and the adults,Resentful,Maybe we can find a breakthrough from this area.,Formulate a thorough overshoot method。”
The small small hub yawned,Night deep quiet,Unmanned,I hope that Chen Xuanzhen came to a topic that makes her not sleepy.。
“correct,I have seen several privileges in Gao Lizhuang.,Hold the monkey,They know with my Master,Is a very powerful privilege,Miss Duan is interested in and they join hands,I can take a bridge for you.。”
“Not interested in,It’s okay that they are dead.。”Segment small smashing。
“Will not,Mr. Liao, which is very powerful, is very powerful.,My http://www.yifeng8.cnMaster said that he is super。”
Duan Xiao Xiaoki smile does not laugh:“If it is so powerful,The pig demon has been flattened by them.,While getting me,Go back to give you Master,His friend is gone。Go to the mountains,Good luck,Maybe I can get the head of the soup left.,It is also a corpse。”
“Miss Duan,It’s all exorcical people,You are too embarrassed.。”
“Then you are blocked.!”
Segment small small mouth:“Not I can’t afford your Master friends,But the pig demon is the highest demon of this area.,They didn’t ran out of the old village,It is dead, it is dead.。”