“You,I have never eaten it.,Once you really eat the vegetables of Xuan Ge,Will http://www.szippbx.cn only get more and more。”

Wu Xiu Xiu is also the same,People who don’t understand any group in the live broadcast,A pair is very helpless。
Really don’t believe!
“Anyway, I don’t believe it.,Xuan Ge’s vegetables are not Shanzhen Haiwei。”
“Just a pile of vegetables,Can it still eat more than red??”
“I still prefer my braised meat.,What is delicious?。”
Most people in live broadcast still do not believe,Even if I look at Shen Xuan and Xue Qing and others eat very happy,Still insisting, it is advertising.。
“Come to take a prize!”
Shen Xuan suddenly said:“I haven’t draw a lottery so long.,Take ten times today,Each prize is a cucumber!”
Just mention the lottery,Many people are still very excited,I can hear the prize is a cucumber.,Everyone is speechless.。
“Good guy,I thought it was a http://www.naturebestow.cn little red enclosure.!”
“Xuan Ge is really small,Can’t you draw a red envelope?,Take a cucumber to get people?”
“Be no bad,There is a cucumber to eat.。”
Many people in the live broadcast are very dissatisfied,I started riddling directly.。
“What is your people?,There is a cucumber to eat.,Usually people can’t eat!”
Xue Qing can’t help but,Immediately said:“When you really eat cucumber, you know how rare.!”
“that is,You have eaten it, you will definitely ask Xuan Ge to send you.。”
Wu Xiuxiu is cold,Look at these unbeliefs,Very unhappy。
“Two beautiful women propaganda,Really spare no effort!”
“Then, I will pay one.!”
“Hurry up,I want this cucumber.。”
Suddenly,Big guys have changed,I have to eat cucumber.。
“Start a lottery。”
Shen Xuan pressed the lottery button,A cow joins the fan group began to draw。
but,Many people for a http://www.hebzgrs.cn cucumber,Even the fans are too lazy to join。
Only 50 people participated in the lottery!
“Congratulations on this ten people get a cucumber,Please send your delivery contact address and phone as soon as possible、Recipient and other information sent to me,I will post out for these two days.!”
Shen Xuan looked at the list of lottery results,Immediately said。
“I rely on,I actually won the award.!”
“that,I do not want it,Xuan Ge doesn’t have to mail me。”
“Hahaha,I don’t want it.,In case it is seen by the family.,Also thought I have any special?,Actually buy a cucumber!”
Ten lists come out,There are two ways to immediately!
“I need to,Don’t give me a lot of people.!”
“that is,The prize in the suction is not,I want it.!”