“She has been a lot of sins.。”Tang Yao sigh:“If you can wake up,That is worth。”

“I know。”Lin Feng sorrows:“Go inside the yard!”Lin Feng hugged http://www.xunfeng123.cn out between Liu Feng,His face has a restless excitement。
Looking at this familiar face,I have experienced a lot of years between many years.,Lin Feng hugged the willow,Sitting on the chair in the housing。
Hain Lin Feng took a stone box。
Stone box open,It is filled with a reddish air flow.,This air is full of vast life,It is the blood of Phoenix’s true blood,These blood gas is wrapped directly in the void by Lin Feng directly。
At this time Tang Yao,Night cold,Sichuan Luo Sakuo,Evil turtle,The golden big python has gathered around。
“let’s start,Directly flood to her soul。”The night cold is careful, open the little mouth of Liu.。
“Um!”Lin Feng heard a little bit,He carefully controls the gas flow of a phoenix.,The airflow of this phoenix is directly flocked to the little mouth of Liu.,This airflow is fine, such as cattle。
“Wait!”Just when this phoenix really poured into the edge of Liuyi’s mouth.,A pleasing voice sounded。
Lin Feng hurriedly stopped,Seeing people is evil。
“You came,Evil。”
Night cold,Evil turtle,The golden big python, etc.。
“She will not hold back,Soul collapsed。”The figure of the evil spirits came in,Belts in the tone:“Why not inform me??”
“Excuse me,I am too eager for this.。”Lin Feng heard the words apologize。
“Evil,How to feed?”Sichuan Luo yak is busy smiling:“Brother-in-law,You also know the status of lying in my sister。”
“Qinglong,bloodletting。”Evil looks at the golden big puppet。
“My blood?”The golden big python heard the words of the evil road。
“Its blood?”Lin Feng,Sichuan Luo Sakura is looking at the golden big snake,How to pull the golden big snake。
“good,Qinglong’s blood http://www.fzscg.cn has neutralization,At least a few times of pain can be reduced,Fusion this Phoenix’s true blood。”Evil nodes explained:“Her soul is very weak,Otherwise it will crash。”
“I see。”Lin Feng heard the words,Then laugh at the golden big snake。
“wipe,Don’t look at me like this。”The golden rumor heard a word:“Is Brother is such a small person??For your youger,Brother is out of date。”
“Your sister,Hui Lin boss’s cheap。”The evil torch has spoken a few words。
“Thank you Jinlong brother!”Lin Feng sorrows:“let’s start,Golden Brother。”
The golden big python didn’t speak,But directly from the beginning,Its eyebrow suddenly flying a blood,This fresh blood is immersive,Bright red,With a strong horrible life,The evil turtle and the evil spirits see this scene slightly。
Just the evil turtle and evil.。
Lin Feng hurriedly http://www.055411.cn greeted,Put this beautiful blood into your palm,This fresh blood is very fast, and the phoenix is blended.,Suddenly, the blood is like burning.。
Evil suddenly。
“it is good!”
Lin Feng heard a little bit,The blood inside the palm flows directly into the mouth of Liu.,The next moment, the willow is in the same way.,The flame is surrounded around,Her body trembles in the flame。
Very painful。
“Don’t stay!”
The evil spirits look at this scene。
“it is good!”Lin Feng and the golden big hizza nodded。
“After a fragrance,Qinglong’s blood can stop。”Evil road:“I haven’t used it at that time.。”
“fine,My blood。”Golden big python spit out a few words。