Hearing Li Hui’s insistence,Su Qing is also said more。

October,Li Hui has completely embarked on the plane to the United States.。
Arrive at the United States,His first thing is to go to the Guan Yun。
For Li Hui’s arrival,Guan Yun is also very happy。
certainly,The most happy is Mo http://www.sdxbgg.cn Yang Xiao Xiao。
Before Li Hui Feng was so late,She is sad for a few days。
However, Li Hui Feng has such a group, but she makes it feel that Li speaks from the style of boy.。
Other boys are watching her eyes,Still pursuing her motivation,Always so naked。
And Li Hui has not had a non-division for her from the beginning to the end.。
Especially thinking that I am looking at the other side in the spring water of the mountain.,Her heart Peng Peng’s jump is not stopped。
As if there is a deer in a collision。
See the moment of Guan Yun,Li Hui is also enthusiastic with the other party.。
“Guan Da Ge,This time I came to tell you before.,Is there an eyebrow??”
“no,I don’t know how to tell you about this problem.,I feel that you will go to investigate.。”
Guan Yun said this,Also a face of dignity。
http://www.yxwed.cn What did you find out??”
“Not a found,But what you said Qin Miss,We can find her identity background,But I can’t find her birthplace.,Even things can’t be found。”
“This person will appear in the sky.,Especially her brand,It is actually working with international brands.,Every big brand of cosmetics has her masterpieces。”
“But with this,This woman you are looking for,The wealth in your hand may be much more than you.。”
“certainly,This is not the most important,The most important thing is that she should be protected by the Hezhong Miller.,We found a base,The result is only one person to live.!”
The first thousand four hundred and ninety-two chapters living
According to the words of Guan Yun, Li Hui has been surprised.。
“Only one person is alive?”
“Yes,So this time is a bit complex,People you have to find,http://www.guohuogou.cn I am not sure that it is not in that base.。”
“But the study is absolutely there.。”
Li Huihe heard this,Nodped silently:“Row,Guan big brother looking for someone to take me in the past,I will go see myself.。”
“Row,Take a few days before you,I call you people.。”
“Forehead,No need to rest。”
Li Hui is a little urgent to see Qin Su Ya。
After all, I haven’t seen it for a long time.,He even felt that the other party didn’t know how to open。
“Take a good rest.,This thing is not as simple as you think.,The most important thing is that the child is still in the last time.!”
Listen to Guanyun,Li Hui Feng felt that the person who lived out should be the person who is called.,Otherwise, it will not be full of care.,I am ridiculed on my mouth.。
“Guan Da Ge said it will not be Cui Yongan.?”