Because the biggest enemy of this planet is the Burning Legion,And not parasitized by things like the ancient gods,So there is not much in this emerald dream【enemy】。

But just the Emerald Dream itself,Not friendly to Carlos,A little distraction,Startled Carlos in a cold sweat。
At the same time,Carlos noticed a little。
My holy light turns white。
wrong,Turned yellow。
Not right,It’s not green anyway。
Think carefully,It seems that after leaving Delano,Or after meeting Medivh,Some changes happened to me。
But these things are not a priority,Carlos didn’t care too much。
It’s more important to continue the journey。
Follow the guidance of positioning coordinates,I don’t know how long I have been away,After feeling tired,Carlos carefully left two holy light cyclones in his body,One clockwise and one counterclockwise。
After about 36 million revolutions,Two holy light cyclones will collide together,The shock is enough to wake you up。
then,Carlos fell asleep again。
however,Sleep well this time without dreams。
Wake up,Carlos continues on the road,Finally arrived at the roots of a towering giant tree before being tired again,Follow the thick roots,Into the tree cave,A strange feeling stung my heart,Carlos jerked back and ran out of the tree hole……
Azeroth,came back。
Without any reason,Carlos just understood,This emerald dream is no longer that emerald dream,He is back。