Kobe’s outbreak is still coming。

First with the help of O’Neill’s pick and roll,Mid-range hit。
Trial step,Click Kidd,Drop into the basket and make a layup。
Feel getting hotter,Kobe’s shooting options are getting more difficult!This is the characteristic of Kobe,After scoring an incredible goal he will often give you another one!
Dribble to the sun halftime,Jason Kidd stands ready。Hesitate,Fake a step shot to the right。
Kidd is called up,Kobe’s fake moves are too realistic!Kidd, who is far not as tall as Kobe, can’t interfere with Kobe’s jumper without jumping。
shit,Kidd found that something was wrong as soon as he took off。
Kobe has a smile on his mouth,Lean on Kidd。Then the waist and abdomen exert force again,Twisted and adjusted in the air,Throw the ball。
“beep!3+1!”Referee whistle。
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty One Perfect christmas night
“Can no one of you guard him??O’Neill can’t help it,You can’t even prevent Kobe???”Danny Angie roared loudly。
There are three different styles,But they are all very good point guards,But three people on the field add up and Kobe hangs up and beats!
How does this make the head coach accept?