Snapped!Seventh brother who got a slap。

now,Almost wanted to do it,Fight with these two brothers。
Nima’s,You learned。
What are you doing with me?
I’m not Lin Yu,but,This is my second brother,Ask yourself first。
This angry,Halfway through,Stopped。
“See it?”
“If not,I will teach you again。”
Brother,After playing。
Look to the seventh brother,Asked。
“Will see。”
Grandma bear,Even if not,I have to watch it too!otherwise,Learn like this,Immortal,Have to be beaten to death。
“See it?”
“Then I will teach you a new trick,Wanma Chong ahead。”
Words fall,Got a kick。
people,Flew upside down to ten meters away。
“Keep looking。”