But she still feels;Since Song Junming is already a badass,So no matter what angle and stand Yang Shiyun speaks from,,They should decisively and thoroughly draw all boundaries from Song Junming.!

“plum,You must look at the problem objectively and comprehensively and analyze it,We should hold such a position towards any criminal suspect。For example, some people have committed murder,But he is a good man,You have been exposed to a lot of cases like this, right?and so,We can’t just do one thing,Give a person sex!”
“We can convict his crime,Can use the law to punish him,But we can’t just condemn him hastily。In fact, even we sometimes do wrong things,Without breaking the law,We made a mistake:But if you break the law,What we committed is a crime!”
“If I was arresting the suspect,Suddenly angered and killed the suspect,Although I committed murder,But do you think I am a good person or a bad person?”
Yang Shiyun patiently,Teaching Meizi in a persuasive manner,In fact, these words are also for her to hear!She also needs a reason to accept Song Junming again。
This accept,Has nothing to do with love。
“understood……I think the problem is too simple。”
Meizi said suddenly。
Actually, this view of Yang Shiyun,Speaking at this moment is also extreme,She is also making excuses for herself……Find an excuse to forgive Song Junming。
People have such weaknesses;When something involves one’s side“Relatives”Time,Especially when this person is still important to me,People who can really deal with problems without a trace of emotion,Rare。
So Yang Shiyun is weak in this matter!
I can’t blame her,Because Song Junming not only had childhood sweethearts with her,The relationship between two little no guesses,And the parents of both sides also have a deep and inseparable friendship,So Yang Shiyun can’t deal with it without emotion。
People have shortcomings,Also has its own weaknesses,Song Junming is Yang Shiyun’s weakness this time!
“Actually, I also think that Song Junming is not a bad person by nature,He just……just……”
Chapter Two Thousand Eighty One I’m better than anything
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Chapter Two Thousand Eighty One I’m better than anything