Very common name。

My WeChat name is Shining,Also very common,Very vulgar!
Leaving Ruoshui Yoga Studio,I started to review all the things since I met Bai Anni just now,After confirming that there is nothing wrong,I just started to figure out how to guide the topic the next time I meet,Deepen mutual impression and relationship。
Chapter Sixteen Ambition and greed
Lai Yumin can sleep with my wife,I can sleep with his wife。
My wife is a liar and slut,His wife is a real good woman!
Count it up,I still took advantage!
Think so,I strengthened my faith more!
Bai Anni,I don’t just want her to be my ally,I want her to become my forbidden!
Her kind of intellectual temperament, beautiful face and graceful figure,And a good character and kind character,After taking it down, I will never give anyone another chance to get involved!
I was shocked suddenly,Could it be that I like Bai Anni??
I don’t think I’m such a frivolous person,How can I be so rash!
Cranky,Ticking,Order nearby。
I absently took it,I suddenly woke up,Helplessly drove into the side street,I received a girl in a very cool dress at the entrance of an alley。
Too much perfume,When I got in the car, I was suffocated by the rich aroma!
I opened the car window,Go to her destination:Le Cool。
That is a nightclub,Well-known within Haicheng!
I have been to this place before,So know it well。
Good boy,I don’t usually go to that place。
Do not rule out exceptions,But the quantity is very scarce。