Mo Qilin said nothing,Lift Li Yuan up instantly,Just give an order,This person will be in a different place immediately。

“Cough cough,Two,Why do I treat me like this,Did we have a festival before,Even if it makes me die, I understand。”
Li Yuan is struggling extremely pitiful,Put your hands on the patterned unicorn arms,Because of too little strength,There is no difference between his movements and tickling。
Look at each other’s behavior,Xia Chenglong felt that he wouldn’t give him one“Oscar”I can’t even justify the actor award,too talented。
No matter how it changes, he forgot the most important thing,That’s the first feeling of ordinary people。
Just imagine,How would it feel if someone suddenly appeared in your house in the middle of the night,Even if you can do everything without surprise,It shouldn’t be like this。
From the first glance,There was no panic in his eyes immediately,I’m laughing except looking。
Xia Chenglong got up and walked over,If nothing else is a slap。
“you,How do you hit someone,I want to sue you。”Li Yuanqiang endured the hot pain and let out a loud cry。
The other party was slapped again before finishing talking,The green sound proves how much strength Xia Chenglong used。
“you,I want to sue you!”
“Snapped……”Xia Chenglong slaps again。
As long as the other party makes a tone that I don’t want to hear,Should hit。
Just one minute,The handsome Li Yuan has become a pig head,Both cheeks flushed,Bleeding from the corners of the mouth,The lens of the glasses was broken。
“how,Still don’t admit it?”Xia Chenglong’s words。
“Haha,Hahahaha,Hahaha……”Originally poor Li Yuan made a cold laugh with his hair down,Make people mistaken for a lunatic。
When the other party raised his head again, it returned to normal,Yes,This is what the other party is like。
The seemingly gentle face is weird,A pair of eyes is the embodiment of the abyss,Make people lose their minds,I can’t find words to describe it except for the cold。