Eat more steamed vegetables to lose weight in the liver


Eat more steamed vegetables to lose weight in the liver

The liver is the best prevention of high incidence, and many people also call it a rich disease that is eaten and lazy.

According to the latest survey data, in high blood pressure, the incidence of small and medium-sized liver cancer in large and medium-sized cities is 20%, and the incidence of small and medium-sized liver cancer in obese and type 2 diabetes patients is 50%.

Moreover, more and more “Little Pound” has become a “reserve army” for juvenile liver.

銆€銆€On July 2, when the 鈥淟ife Times鈥?
reporter walked into the emergency hepatobiliary specialist clinic of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, a female lady from Huairou District just put herself in the waiting room.

She said: “Since the family opened a restaurant, the weight of the whole family and the sediment soared, and finally went to the liver clinic.

Yang Lixin, deputy director of the Department of Gastroenterology, who was here, told reporters that “there are many patients like Chen Ying in the distant county. The economic situation is good. First, they will satisfy the appetite of the whole family. After a few years, they will suffer from a disease.”

“Because mild mild liver does not hurt or itch, does not affect normal life, too many people know that they are still ill.
鈥?Professor Zhang Hongfei, chief physician of the Department of Hepatology, 302 Hospital of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, reminded: “Many people have found that they have had a moderate liver when they have obtained a liver test.

They also have insufficient knowledge of the adult liver, and often buy some health care products or medicines on their own, thinking that relying on ‘conditioning’ can reverse the adult liver.

I have been treated indiscriminately, but the result is that the liver is getting worse.

“The liver is not terrible. It is a reversible disease. It can be cured as long as it takes positive measures in life.”
鈥?Professor Zhang Hongfei and Dr. Yang Lixin combined their own methods of protecting the liver to give reporters a “golden prescription” for preventing and treating sputum.

銆€銆€Eat less, eat more steamed vegetables, salad dishes.

“I insist on eating in the canteen of the unit. I usually choose green leafy vegetables and high-protein lean meat, river fish, soy products, etc., and animal feces are rarely selected, so that I can keep my body.

Yang Lixin said that he often eats fruits before the meal or during the two meals. Usually, he chooses medium-sized, low-sweet, such as apples and pears.

Zhang Hongfei said that she pays great attention to the substitution of fiber foods such as vegetables. She tries to eat more steamed vegetables, cold vegetables, and controls the slight intake to achieve a variety of nutritional balance.

She suggested that office workers can bring their own lettuce at noon.

銆€銆€Plan your entertainment at noon.

Zhang Hongfei specifically reminded the “social family”, if you must entertain, try to arrange at noon, so after the big eat and drink, the extra amateur can have time to metabolize through the movement in time.

If you choose it at night, the body does not need to use energy, and it will accumulate in the body.

If you are full, you can also do outdoor activities such as light labor, walking, and playing Tai Chi.

銆€銆€Staying up late is too much to hurt the liver.

Zhang Hongfei said: “Day and night are very harmful to the liver.

I advocate the most traditional way to eat: eat well at breakfast, eat at lunch, eat less at dinner.

Eat high metabolism, high protein, high fecal food, and lack of proper exercise at night, the most likely to form juvenile liver.

“Most of her dinners are mainly vegetarian, try to avoid greasy food, and stop eating for 4 hours before going to bed.”

銆€銆€Don’t break the body clock.

Zhang Hongfei reminded that people who are busy with work, unreasonable schedules, long-term night shifts, frequent nights and nights to watch TV, continuous use of computers, etc., are most likely to cause mild metabolic disorders, causing obstacles in liver metabolism.

“My schedule is very regular. I must rest during the break and never overdraw my strength.

“Stand up for your little sport.

For the prevention and treatment of adult liver, many people know the principle of 鈥渟mall mouth and open legs鈥?

Yang Lixin also has a sixteen-word guide for sports: “I can sit still, can stand still, can not walk, can not be slow.”

Zhang Hongfei likes to walk a few minutes to work, and runs to the community after dinner.

She said: “We must find a small sport that suits you and can persist for a long time.

When she was young, she always chose some intensive sports, some playing basketball, badminton, etc. After she was old, she fell in love with jogging, brisk walking and other relatively moderate sports.

The intensity is slightly sweaty after each exercise, and the heart rate is slightly faster, half an hour to one hour each time.

In particular, she does not advocate the kind of “wrestling” type of fitness card, swimming card, but can not adhere to the way of exercise.

(Yuan Yue)