Since,Things have become this now。

So next,I should start from what aspect,Itself,Is a small problem。
Here,Shen Xuan,It’s not a little.,Now this look,What effect will it affect?。
despite this,But something else,But it is completely,Don’t need anything。
Although it is said,But now,In fact itself,Also needed。
“Humph,Still honest,You and your organization,What do you want to do??”
Blue sky is watching Tang Wolf in front of you,Suddenly asked。
In front of Blue Sky,Tang Wolf slowly lifted his head to look at it。
For Tang Wolf,Such a thing,What’s even more, let him be very depressed?。
This,Tang Wolf bite teeth,This touch is deep in the heart,It is more important to know。
“Humph,I want to let me say,It is simply in love。”
When the Tang wolf said before his eyes,His whole person,It is also very angry。
but,As the Tang wolf said。
At this time, the blue sky is over here.。
obviously,Blue sky,It doesn’t feel it,Now this look,What is the problem?。
“Humph,Do not say,That’s going to die!”
When the blue sky is said,Heavy punches,The squat is in front of the Tang Wolf in front of him.。
A bone fragmentation,Sound this。
Once again,But found,Tang Wolf in front of you,Already poured directly,This is a life。 Look at this scene,The blue sky in this time,It is an active activity。
“Humph,You are alive。”
Warrior around those Wars,Staying。
obviously,This matter is for them,What will be what to do?。
This matter itself,What makes everyone all guards。
“My goodness,I didn’t expect it to be like this.。”
“Say something wrong,But how do you think,How to make people feel,Simply,It’s too incredible.。”
“But now,Other things,In fact, it is nothing to say at all.,Start now,We are here,Is it going to do something??”
This,With those people around,You have said that I am in my words.,Don’t forget to say this。
obviously,What should this be started from?。
Other questions,In fact itself,Fall into fundamental,Nothing to say。
This,Shenxuan in front of me,It is watching,I don’t forget one side.。
“Take it here,Then,Let’s go back。”
Anyway, now,Here,Already completely solved。
As for the next side,What will it?。
In fact, it is,There is nothing to say at all.。