Ning Feifei feels ourselves from these two words,If you have no other words, you can say。

Ou Jing, I looked at her.,Not talking,Dinner,He didn’t eat,This time,Also very hungry。
Ning Feifei bowed,Silently eat,Ou Jing, see her not,I added some dishes again.。
Ning Feifei does not stop,Ou Jing, but has been frowning,It seems that I don’t like to hear this thank you two words.。
a meal,Slowly eat very slow,Feel the care of Ou Jing,Ning Feifei’s nervous heart gradually relaxed,Rear,much better。
Sweet and sour pork ribs,Fried meat,Ning Feifei has eaten a lot。
She likes sweet and sour ribs,The company’s canteen will also have。
When you go to the cafeteria,Ou Jing, also noticed these,To the hotel,Also, she likes to eat vegetables.。
Looking at Ning Feifei a lot,He finally relieved。
After dinner,Ou Jing, send Ning Feifei back。
All the way,The two still are still,A bit of talk。
At the door of Ning Feifei,Ning Feifei looked at him with a slightly,Laugh:“European secretary,I am home,Thank you tonight.!”
Ou Jingli moved to her smiley face,Looking at her emotions is much better than just,He is slightly:“go in,have a good rest。”
Sound is cold,Reflections。
“it is good!”
Ning Feifei nodded,Just turned,I have gone out of my mother.。
“Yo!Fifi,You’re back。”
Ning mother is ill,Weakness,Thin and thin,Face Some wax yellow,Looking at the European Scene,She smiled and opened her face.。
“mom,You haven’t slept yet??”
Ning Feifei has some surprised mother’s emergence,Usually this time,Mom has already slept。
Ning mother looked on Ning Feifei surprised face,Laugh:“Fifi,You haven’t come back yet,How can my mother sleep??”
Ning Feifei listened to this,I only feel that I am not credible.,When did her mother care about her late job late or be early?,Her mother only cares about how much money she can earn for a month.。
If you can save your big brother’s money,She is more happy。
Ning mother watched the European,Laugh。
Oujing, no expression,Look very indifferent。
Ningmei slightly eyebrows,I saw this man is not an ordinary person.,It is too proud of this kind of nature.,See the future mother,I don’t even say even.。
She looked at her daughter,End is somewhat bad,“Fifi,who is he,Are you boyfriend??
I have never seen that you have brought a man.。”
Ning Feifei listens to the word boyfriend,I still have no representation of European.,Anxious explanation:“mom,What are you talking about??
This is our company’s European secretary,He is worried that I will send me back.,Not my boyfriend。”
Is it just ordinary friends??
But my mother saw that he took your hand out of the community.。”
Ning mother is also indifferent,Since it is not a men and women,Why ruin her daughter’s reputation,Now people outside, I found a good boyfriend.。
Since it is not a boyfriend,Let her of this old face。
Looking at the face of Ning,Ou Jing, the face is also uncomfortable.。
When I am listening to the success of Ning success,He took the opportunity to understand the people of Ning,Heavy male light,Ning Feifei is not yelling,Nothing mother and daughter feelings,But the mother is facing a bad mother,Good Ning Feifei still supports the full house。
Look,She works hard,In her mother’s heart,Also reasonable。