“is it him,It’s not bad to see.”

After that, the figure is sinking again.。
Chapter 38 Flying birds and tasks
Spring back home,He doesn’t know who is monitoring him.,But now he is really careful.。
Especially the big snake pill,Ghost knows that he will retaliate。
However, the big snake pill belongs to the kind of proud person.,Should not shoot his family。
And yourself a small shrimp,Should not be worth it seriously,But still have to prevent it。
Fortunately, he will join the secret right away.,Identity is also listed as top secret,Even the big snake pill should check,Also have a great effort。
Waiting for your own strength and progress,Don’t worry too much.,Except for the big snake pill,Other situations should be able to escape。
Be right,Just escape,Even the big snake pills do not shoot,But send people to come,That is also strictly deployed,Quan Yi can escape, it is good.。
He is now powerful,Bullying, it is difficult to do it.,But if it is the siege of the four people,Or Jun Ma Lu,That is really a problem。
He is now cultivating every day.,It is a bit distance to the limit,There is still some point of growth space。
I hope I will encounter it so much.。
Spring is careful to calculate your strength,He doesn’t want to be mistaken,Dead death。
At the same time, he is also confused.,How does the three generations http://www.finnspace.cn of appointment have not come?,He waited for a while.。
The result is not waiting for three generations.,But wait until the memorials of comfort。
The sky is rain,Springs are also wet in black clothes.。
His hands holding a white flowers,Then put it in front of the comfort。
Ugh,This time, I still die.!
Three generations are dead,But other ninja is still sacrificing this event.。
Spring is also very weak,This is the weak price of strength.!
He doesn’t want to become like this,Waiting for others to pay homage,Then he turned to go back.,He also wants to continue cultivation,It is stronger。
In a secret room。
“Spring,This is your equipment and mask.,Welcome to join the secret”There are only three generations and spring in the room.,After all, the identity of Quan Wei should be confidential.。
“Thank http://www.xcy001.cn you”Spring took over the armor and mask of the dark。
Mask has some homes,The mouth is extended out.,Like a bird mouth,Two sides also extend two bending stripes。
“from now on,Your code is a bird,Belongs to the ninth group of dark”
“May I ask,Where should I report?”Spring asked。
“Oh,This.,You are only responsible for me now.,All your orders are issued by me.”Three generations smile。