The sword demon has a sharp sword intent,A simple move is Dao Dao Jian Qi,Moreover, the broken pulse sword qi specifically hurts the meridians,Even if it’s a hero,I didn’t dare to let the sword aura into my body easily,Otherwise it can definitely make him peel off。

“Domineering sword spirit,So fierce killing intent!”
Use a trick at your feet,Avoided the sword demon attack,Xiongba couldn’t help but get a cold sweat。
If it weren’t for your Fengshen legs,,I really couldn’t hide it just now!
But when the tyrant was secretly surprised,A sharper sword aura came to him instantly,Till his throat。
Xiong Ba is shocked,But now it’s too late to avoid,He never expected that the sword demon could make such a quick and sharp move。
The hero retreats,Palm flip,It’s a trick to cover the sun,Immediately the clouds were rolling and the steam filled;Immediately do two things,Another hand is frost-scarred,Chilly,Frozen into bone marrow。
But what Xiongba didn’t expect was,I used my own two tricks in a row,Still not able to withstand the sword energy on the opposite side。
I saw this sword aura was like a sword soaring to the sky,Pierced the cloud energy of Paiyun Palm in an instant,The ice cold of Tianshuang Fist can’t stop it either。
“Damn,Damn!This sword demon is so powerful!”
Xiongba has a new understanding of the strength of the sword demon in his heart,These old guys who became famous ten years ago,Sure enough, there is no simple!
“I can only use that trick!”
“Three points return to vitality!”
A light blue water mass formed by Zhen Qi suddenly formed between Xiongba’s hands,Then the water mass instantly became the size of a head。
Sword energy cuts through the air,Dived into the water mass。