Finished,Yuan Shilong took the green-faced ghost and left the restaurant。

The Mandarin is not in a hurry,Sitting in the seat thoughtfully with a gloomy face。
Personally come to Nan’an this time,Seeing Qin Shi for the second time,Even more aggressive than the first time,Unfathomable。
The strength of the blue-faced ghost,The Mandarin also understands,Although his overall strength is not as good as Wan Zonghua,But in terms of speed,Wan Zonghua is far behind the green face ghost。
The Mandarin wanted to get rid of the Yuan family,Yes yes yes,Just need to pay a big price,In contrast,The gains are minimal。
Because of this,The talents of the University of Manchu indulged the Yuan family in Konoha for so many years。
But those two clicks just now,Already explained,Qin Shi for the green face ghost,It’s almost crushed。
Does that mean,Qin Shi is on par with Wan Zonghua,Even stronger than Wan Zonghua?
Thought of here,The Mandarins suddenly squeezed their brows together,Frown。
Back to Konoha City first!
Really can’t do,You can find a way to lure the big family in the middle to get Qin Shi。
Mandarin thinks so,So set off immediately,Back to Konoha City Jingxin Pavilion。
Learned about the return of the Mandarin,Konoha City suddenly fell into a panic again。
Mandarin,not dead!
Mu Xuefeng is here,Swept over half of Konoha City in half a day!