“Let’s go!”

“Long brother,You are so amazing,I don’t admire anyone now,Admire you。”Meteor slapped up in time。
Although I know the other party is joking,There are not so many rules between real friends,But don’t know how to drop,Still feel very happy。
Three people turned,Towards the mysterious mirror,But when I turned around and saw the valley covered by white mist,I always feel an indescribable feeling。
They broke,This is beyond doubt。
Xia Chenglong has always followed two principles,“the first,That is to believe in your own judgment,The second is to always remember the first principle。”
Make sure there is nothing else to stop grinding,Fast through the mysterious mirror。
The promise he made will be fulfilled,Those new students who are still waiting in the square,They must also hope that the first person to appear from Xuan Jing is him。
The three looked at each other,Simultaneous kick,At the same time stepped forward and stepped in。
At the moment they want to go in,Many students also started their experiments,This is an attempt that will definitely succeed。
Makino did not move,Don’t look at him as a maniac,But the action is extremely old,He was waiting for the line that appeared in the sky。
“Freshman Xia Chenglong successfully passed this assessment!”
Keep your head up,That line never appeared in the sky,But many students have already jumped over,They also arrived in front of Xuan Jing。
The scene I thought did not appear,Xia Chenglong’s eyes kept open,The scene in front of you is familiar,Unclear far and near scenery,Lush or hazy。
In front is a cliff,In front of the cliff is a deep ravine,White mist shrouded the gully, mixed with harsh screams。
A mysterious mirror is placed on the other side of the ravine,The position of the mysterious mirror is not different from before。
Zhang Shengyi was surprised,Meteor is the same,Xia Chenglong expressionless,He is thinking about the whole process,And found no omissions。
There are students in front of you who are facing the other side,They went back to where they were before。