“Let’s talk about it after we buy it back。”

Yang Shiyun immediately joked and said,“Come back later”the meaning of,That’s it,I don’t need to say anything when I look back。
Yang Shiyun is Liu Yong’s apprentice,Liu Yong and Wang Yan have always been seen as daughters,So in the matter of money,In fact, there is no need to care at all,If Wang Yan insists on giving,On the contrary, it seems to have a relationship with Yang Shiyun,So Wang Yan didn’t insist……
One after another,Police began to come to the hospital to visit Liu Yong,Since leaders at all levels,There are also many grassroots police officers。
Liu Yong’s popularity is always very good,He is upright,Be kind to others,Never put on airs,So the reputation in Haishang’s public security system has always been quite good,Now something happened to him,Naturally many people come to visit him。
It’s just that these people without exception are blocked outside the door of the intensive care unit,But at least everyone knows that Liu Yong has survived,This is undoubtedly very lucky news for everyone!After all, there can be such a good superior as Liu Yong,It’s not easy at first sight。
Taking advantage of Wang Yan’s greetings with everyone,Yang Shiyun took Qin Liang and ran to find Liu Yong’s attending doctor,I asked Liu Yong about the situation in detail,What makes her and Qin Liang happy is:As Wang Yan said,Huang Shengli was nervous when he attacked,Plus his crappy marksmanship,The three shots in Liu Yong’s chest did not hurt the vitals,Although Liu Yong lost too much blood,But because I was sent to the hospital in time,So he passed by with death this time。
“Let’s celebrate today。”
After leaving the doctor’s office,Qin Liang smiled and said to Yang Shiyun。
“How do you want to celebrate?”
Yang Shiyun asked happily。
“Shall you give me a baby at night?。”
Qin Liang took advantage of Yang Shiyun’s happiness now,Seized the opportunity to tease her。
“You think it’s too beautiful?Why?My master is out of danger,You celebrate with me?”
Yang Shiyun immediately began to struggle。