Finnish Parliament from next year the euro zone

US stock market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants night network real-time quotes, Wall Street Beijing nightlife net 17 hearing, according to the British "Telegraph" website reported that the Finnish parliament, a senior official disclosed Monday, the country's parliament will debate next year, research from the euro zone's problems。While, say goodbye to the possibility of the euro zone, Finland is not great, but at least, the Finns their dissatisfaction with the domestic economic situation, as well as dissatisfaction with the single currency area have been fully reflected。  Earlier, a referendum petition to collect the required 50,000 signatures, Parliament was forced to launch a debate program according to the law – like this turn of events, it should first met in the nineteen-nation euro zone in。  This is called Paavola (Maija – Leena Paavola's) official description: "The next year, will be the first signature verification, the next several months, parliament will debate。"Petition is not over, we continue to collect signatures until the middle of January next year。Events unfold sponsors requested a referendum on membership of the euro zone, but in accordance with the procedure, it is possible to achieve a referendum only in the case of parliamentary support。  Despite such a thing happened in Finland, but the Eurobarometer survey this month found that 64% of Finns still support the single currency, compared to just 69% last year have been slashed。  The key problem is that this Scandinavian country has been suffering for three consecutive years of economic contraction, the current performance is worse than any country in the euro zone。  Official data released this week showed that among the Finnish economy contracted in the third quarter 0.6%。Eurozone third-quarter gross domestic product growth – Finland successive years of recession, but also gives rise to a number of Finns believe that if they leave the euro, reissued FIM gain control over their own interest rates, the national economy will be better they also do not take the neighbors in the euro area to do the example of Sweden。They said that as long as the mark relative to the euro, Finland's exports will be promoted。  The initiator of the event is the European Parliament of Finland V?yrynen (V?yrynen), he said: "Since 2008, the Swedish economy grew by 8 percent, and we have shrunk by 6%。"V?yrynen is currently one of the senior members of the ruling United Center Party, in order to oppose a larger process of European integration is known, he stressed:" Now is the time to expand more extensive discussion, we determined whether it should also remain in the euro zone。"The initiator of the petition Wei center-right government V?yrynen Now struggling, they have to ensure that the public finances, on the one hand but also under pressure to cut union workers holidays and other benefits to first currency" internal devaluation " improve export competitiveness。  Prior to mid-1992, Finland in order to enhance export competitiveness, there have been many devaluation Mark record。  At present, the official position of the Government of Finland is still the euro area member states abide identity。  Coalition government's policy agenda clear: "Finland as an economic and monetary union, is committed to enhance stability in the euro area。"But some economists support the idea of 'off Europe' of。  Finland is a European think tank holding the euro critical stance of the organization, their recent study estimates that the return of free-floating about FIM Finland will pay a one-time 20 billion euros, but they stressed that the long-term perspective He says this is cost-effective。  "Out it is not easy, but we must from how to promote GDP growth of highly focused。"Professor of Economics at the University of Helsinki, think-tank Cannae peace (Huesa Garnier tender) says。(Zijin)

China media: Monterey Park United States generates a lot of Chinese political star

  One BEIJING, Sept. 19, according to news report, Monterey Park United States not only Chinese residents of high-density, high-density Chinese businessmen, is the largest concentration of Chinese political star。   Currently Chinese city councilman Monterey Park City Council has four, they are (from right) Mr Chan new, Qiao Liang Han, Linda Jian, and Wuxue Ru (third from left)。
(Figure: The United States "newspaper" / reporter Qiu Chenshe) According to the information provided by the official website of Monterey Park, the city's total population of 60269 people, of which% is Asian, while the vast majority of Chinese population in the city's Asian population。
The city median house prices of $ 533,083, the median household income of $ 57419; within the city high school students graduation rate%。   Until the 1960s, the city is still called a Mongolian quiet "bedroom community" in the eastern suburbs of Los Angeles (BedroomCommunity)。
Since the 1970s, there is a growing immigration from China and settled in Monterey Park, after strongly advocated by the Chinese real estate developers, said the city of Mongolia as "Chinese Beverly Hills" to attract more immigrants settle in Hong Kong and Taiwan and Mongolia city。
Because a significant number of Taiwanese immigrants moved to Monterey Park, the city will have the title of "little Taipei" in。   In the 1980s, when Chen Li Wan from Taiwan (LilyLeeChen), was elected as the first Chinese member Monterey Park City, then he was elected mayor of the city, namely the nation's first Chinese woman mayor。
  The incumbent Congressman Zhao Maxim, also from Monterey Park began her political career。
Zhao Maxim before the election to the House of Representatives, served as members Monterey Park, Monterey Park Mayor, Members of Parliament, California。   At present, five aldermen Monterey Park, there are four ethnic Chinese, for Monterey Park City Council is considered, the ratio is the highest elected official of the Asian nation's cities。
Editor: Guan Hao。

Foot prone to errors you do on the wrong foot

What are prone to errors of foot is more familiar kind of health practices, many people will do some simple foot at home, for example, like。
But in fact many people do foot all the time there is a lot of misunderstanding。
Following small for everyone to take stock of what misunderstanding foot prone to see if you still do the wrong foot!Foot prone Misunderstanding Yili Road, a lot of people think bigger is better, the heavier the better foot, often foot massage, let the master by a little heavier, everyone knows, the massage too heavy, would be wasted。 Moderate foot massage can live longer, the body healthy, but we have to be modest, too far。
Reflexology is divided into two parts, the first of their feet, that foot, and then the foot massage。 Foot Reflexology massage time share in the process is the largest, most effective。 Among them, the size of the strength is an important factor to achieve efficacy, the intensity is too small no effect, otherwise intolerable。
Foot massage for just the right intensity, or in comfortable as well。 For healthy people, his ability to withstand the pain of the stronger。 For people who are very weak, very weak force is reluctantly。 So, for people with weak foot pain, you should do something physical endurance, moderate massage。
The so-called moderate, that is to say at the massage sore on it。
For uniformity, it refers to the power of massage to gradually seep slowly lifted, and there is a certain rhythm。 Myth Foot Reflexology for everyone is a non-drug therapy。
I.e. by stimulation of the reflex zones of the foot of each, so that the body's physiological functions have been adjusted, ultimately promote blood circulation, improve their immune function。
But, you know, in fact, not everyone is suited to foot massage。 Misunderstanding of the Women prone to foot during menstruation, it is best not to do pedicures。
Bleeding tendency of people, during the foot massage, it may lead to local tissue hemorrhage。
Avoid bone prominences and less subcutaneous tissue reflex zone massage should avoid crushing periosteum, causing unnecessary damage。
In addition, other groups suffering ,, and foot massage is best not to prevent accidents, especially pregnant women, if massage incorrectly can lead to miscarriage。
Also we need to be reminded that, within an hour after a meal is not to do the foot。 Half an hour after the massage should be consumed about 500 ml of warm water。 Massage, the leg can not be affected by wind。
After the massage, do not immediately with cold feet。

33-year-old?Luo finally to the time of the altar?

  In an unsatisfactory draw after, C Luo ushered in his 33-year-old birthday。
This time last year, a significant number of people are talking about (Golden Globe and the Champions League) tied Macy's ability to honor him two; now he did this, to lay the Real Madrid and 2017?Romania's imprinted, fell into the constant voices of doubt。 Many people are asking: all know that with age, C Luo decline was predictable, but this season is not finally "hide" of it?More bluntly, the moment C Luo altar, finally came yet?  This problem has been proposed in the second half of the 2015-16 season before, when?Luo is approaching his 31st birthday。 Barca got the Triple Crown in 2015, MSN surging momentum, the Bernabeu Real Madrid 4-0 big break, Benitez season middle class……At that time the red and blue army looks unstoppable, C Ronaldo and Real Madrid is somewhat left behind, the Portuguese star also add such media dubbed the title "child food spree"。
But in the case of domestic suppressed, Real Madrid popped up in the chaos of the next Champions League trophy in the siege, which greatly boosted the morale of the team; to the European Cup, C Luo Portugal bucked the trend all the way into the final, and in?Lo back injury early in the case is still tenacious cup。
Champions League and European Cup double crown plus body, the role of C Luo put in there, some of the causal factors also helped to Real Madrid and Portugal。 It is important that, when?Luo limited by the decline in natural track every game can not play the greatest influence when either club or national team, are found not entirely dependent?Luo acquired way to victory。
  This good interaction, in the 16-17 season to the next level。
With a good momentum of winning the Champions League with Real Madrid terror squad thickness can pressure and different styles of opponents of multi-line operations should ease, while the game to break the deadlock by a sudden force。 In this case, C Lo can be more targeted, the better state into a more important occasion。 Charge from the outbreak is not accidental to the final stage of the Champions League, because under good chemistry, C Luo whether physical or state of mind are at its peak, more conducive to his already good at that moment in front of。
In other words, in No. 7 because of natural decline and needs to be better "hide behind" stage Real Madrid, Real Madrid and Portugal gave him a very efficient system operation。 A comfortable system, a good record and a relaxed attitude as a support, C Luo also making the transition more ease。
He insisted the exercise of their own quality, while constantly changing the game and deal with their own way of defense。
Over the past two years, his development is undoubtedly very successful。
  But it is possible that because of the success of the past two years, so that?Luo declining trend was even more pronounced today。 You really can "hide behind" through good tactical design C Ronaldo slipped and let him concentrate on Terminator – but with a different line of attack elsewhere, to "hide behind" is not easy, especially scorer。 Because in the most intense competition for the box, you are better than your opponent doom marker that look run fast, run accurate, jump high and hit enter。
And at least in the league this season, C Lo gives the impression that he ran the ball a lot less in place, impact strength and speed down, hit the door quality deteriorates。 Measure the quality of scoring opportunities "expected goals," the data show that the quality of the opportunity to C Lo La Liga this season, an average of every 90 minutes to get even slightly better than last season, but the ability to grasp the serious decline。
La Liga this season, scored his expectations is actually only eight goals。
What is this concept?Last season, and last season, C Lo's "expected goals" and basically the same as the actual score, the actual score 14-15 season up to a higher than expected Geng Shibi。   Interpretation of the data from the point of view can be considered?Luo completely do eat the bread of tasks at the same time in the season 14-15, but also put a lot of not very good opportunity to convert into goals; 15-17 two seasons is how much of the cake gets here, can be converted to the number of ball; this season is how much of the cake gets here, wasting nearly half。 ?Scored a little, this data is the worst five league Romania actual goal than desired, the second difference is the Crystal Palace striker Turk (a)。 The problem is not small, because if there is opportunity to fight their way into, then give his teammates to help is limited。
In contrast, the expected and actual goals scored Messi La Liga this season basically the same situation Suarez and Levante are also similar, is considered to be "spit cake spree," the actual Cavani scored goals than expected also had a high。
Many power forward to 30-year-old power dips, just the most terrible that it does not pull its weight to about。
La Liga this season, at least from the point of view, C Luo gradually "to not pull its weight" of the。   When two years ago, so the voices of doubt arise, C Luo also "only" 31 years old, and now he is 33 years old。 In the fierce competition of the highest level of professional football, the age of one year each increase, the impact on a lot of big players will。 33-year-old?Luo imagine if 31-year-old as "play face" doubters, no doubt much more difficult。
Real Madrid and current situation of?Romania out of the woods it is difficult to provide enough help。
To some extent, last season and Real Madrid?How Luo complement each other on how to drag this season: C Lo Real Madrid need to provide enough shells, enough to make him the holiday of depth on our bench, he can state generally stable record, these aspects of the Real Madrid do bad; Real Madrid needs?Luo good opportunity to convert, for the team to break the deadlock, and then fight for a better game situation, C Luo also completed a lot of time too bad。 Galacticos seemed to be in a vicious circle, the source of your problem in the end is hard to explain?Ronaldo, Zidane or the team, but?Lo pressure is always accumulated, it is certain。   Thus, the pressure came on the Champions League, but also because this is actually only half of the competition for the trophy this season, Real Madrid a。 And in the Champions League group stage, C-6 games all have gains, creating a Champions League history。
This is also the season is also resistant to a position "C Luo decline" theory – if sustained downturn means a player can not reach the level before him, then at least in the Champions League, C Luo also to maintain efficient output。 Led the team last weekend draw with Real Madrid Levante coach Muniz said: "When Real Madrid good machine running time, is in the Mestalla Valencia a 4-1 win。
"This is how many Real Madrid fans still have expectations, after all, the team played a high level, and if the state peak, you want to beat them is not easy。
Against the menacing Greater Paris, Madrid can not play this peak?Among these, C Lo's performance is very important of course,。
He needs to stay in the competition for Real Madrid in the Champions League, also needs to prove that he can still play a major influence in top races。   Against Levante, C Luo Han was replaced early insight。 A broadcast camera on him, he wanted to see the reaction of the bench。
?Luo obviously know there is a camera filming him, he first shook his head, then made a motion to shut up, index finger in the middle of the lips, then pointed to the court, made a motion camera, meaning "Do not shoot me Please take the field picture。 "As the post-match comments, if Real Madrid wins to hold the fruit, the substitutions just insignificant episode; but in the end, it became the focus of attention。 And if Real Madrid in the Champions League was eliminated, missed the end of the season if any titles, C Lo can imagine the pressure。 Because people know that this "nothing concrete" of the situation and 2014-15 seasons are clearly different。
Real Madrid and?Where is the poor state of Romania's becoming more and more frequent, and it is hard to see the point in changing。 Through this kind of pressure in the external environment and age of the stage,?Romania's status will remain negative impact。
  33-year-old?Luo really old yet?Indications from the laws of nature and the season before the second half of the term, this trend seems to be significantly higher than previous years。 But since the Champions League is still fighting, and Real Madrid?Ronaldo this season has not completely lost hope。 No one can be sure his fifth Golden Globe is the last one, but he did appear and Golden Globe lopsided situation。
In fact, any player unable to resist the ongoing erosion of time, C Lo's performance over the past two years has been very good。
The Portuguese superstar eventually there will be no chance to compete for the Golden Globe day, but exactly when that day comes, people can only wait and see the developments in the。
  (Sina Sports Hua Valdivia column) original Sina International Football column: On the other articles 🙁 Editor: Buyi Li)。

He had atopic dermatitis how to do what the right solution

Atopic dermatitis is a skin disease caused by the allergen, mainly refers to human exposure to certain allergens and cause skin irritation, itching, wheal, peeling and other skin conditions。
So I had atopic dermatitis how to do it the right way which effectively can take it how to treat atopic dermatitis, allergic dermatitis – diet 1, leek duck Seiji atopic dermatitis: Wash fresh chives, plus Duck Egg (to yellow) rubbed the affected area without duck, the light directly rubbed to wash leek。
Chives or take, the amount of feathers, wash water to cook outside。2, Chinese cabbage cure atopic dermatitis: wrap the affected area with cabbage mash, treatment of allergic dermatitis。3, leaves oil: Ai Compositae leaves.Of bitter, acrid, warm。
The liver, spleen, kidney。Functionality cold pain, warm through the hemostasis。Modern reports, leaves oil has anti-allergic effects, for the treatment of atopic dermatitis。
4, soybeans and honey: an oligosaccharide soybeans and honey are contained reduce the efficacy of atopic dermatitis。
5, purslane: Wash the skin with water, take a small portion of purslane smashed wipe the affected area; the rest of the boiled water to drink; fish out of purslane put a little soy sauce, vinegar and sesame oil pinned to eat。
Treatment of allergic dermatitis – the traditional method, apparatus treatment: more than against nature metabolism, mandatory treatment of allergic dermatitis, causing damage to capillaries, easy to relapse。2, topical steroid: it can relieve symptoms, but these – drugs have side effects, and more produce dependence, recurrent symptoms will。
Treatment of atopic dermatitis – acute localized swelling obvious choice lotion treated with drugs, when exudate erosion wet drug solution, cream or ointment with no hormones exudate, antihistamines available for systemic therapy。
Severe cases can simultaneously oral or intravenous drugs。

How fast the baby fever fever baby fever remedies

How fast the baby fever fever baby fever, parents are very uncomfortable thing, a lot of people do not like to treat the baby, then the baby fever fever with how fast and small series to see how fast the baby fever fever introduce it!How fast the baby fever fever 1, to maintain the flow of air in the home if the home has air conditioning, to maintain room temperature at 25?Between 27 ℃。
Children can be placed in air-conditioned room or fan revolving the blow, the temperature slowly dropped, so children will feel more comfortable。 But if it is too hard and cold extremities chills, then expressed the need for warm, so additional blanket coverage。 2, if the baby off excess clothing and limbs and body sweating hands and feet warm, indicates the need for cooling, the laundry may want, point。 3, the warm water bath your baby wipe laundry untangling with warm water (37 ℃) towel rub the entire body, such that the total baby vasodilatation, the body heat radiated, additional water evaporates from the surface will absorb Body heat。 4, ice pillow to sleep with the baby fever cooling paste fever how quickly help dissipate heat, but not recommended for small children, because child care is not easy to turn the body, ice pillow easily lead to partial or cold-induced hypothermia。 You can also use cooling paste, heat can be taken away when cooling paste colloidal substances in the water vaporization, the situation does not appear excessive cooling。 5, drink plenty of water to help sweat, and prevent dehydration。
Water temperature adjustment function, body temperature can drop and add baby body water loss。 Conclusion: The above is small series to introduce the contents of 6681, and we want to help introduce you want to know more, please continue to focus on 6681 health network Oh!。

Embrace one minute every day

Revelation hug every one minute hug one minute every day, not my invention, but I got from a magazine Life。    Perhaps middle-aged sake, my husband and I work, have been particularly hectic life。There are old, sick old man, in need of care; under a small, small is still small, basic necessities, school counseling had to worry about。Work in the unit, on the experience on the experience can be considered the backbone, something many and complex, the key is not everything good in all likelihood not an easy one, not Pepsi-ridden smoothly, it will inevitably upset, Qiqiaoshengyan。The couple returned home to continue to blame each other, I take care of him too ill to him, I blame him for my love too little, life is finally in sight naturally become commonplace。    Just then, I saw the "hold me a minute every day," the article: that is the couple, because the child, because life is hectic, often forget to share feelings, life lurks a crisis, felt first wife, One day, his wife solemnly demands on her husband:“I hold one minute every day。”Husband wife looked at, smiled and said:“is it necessary?”His wife said:“I make this request, it is necessary to indicate。You sent this question, it shows all the more necessary。”Husband said:“Love in their hearts, why expression。”His wife said:“If you did not express, we can not get married。”To this end, also Naoqi awkward, to remain silent and her husband reluctantly embrace his wife。Husband banter wife is a vain fellow, his wife said, every woman will love vanity。Since then, the embrace between husband and wife became compulsory day of class until later, his wife go out to study, take the initiative to embrace her husband into a daily greeting telephone and continual。Although the article did not write, but I can still feel between the lines, there is her husband's greetings, wife impoverished school life will be very sweet。    I watched, could not stop tearful, think small, my husband and I need each other and it is these do not?We just want to put this feeling into a daily complain to each other。Busy bothering much more than the need for mutual love and understanding it?With this intention, I immediately decided to learn the wife, but also to discuss a hug to her husband!    There are many things in life, it is easily said, hard to start。Although my husband and I had children from free love to marriage, during which has been 20 years, it has also been eachother too, has also been very much in love。But after all, we are no longer young, no longer seventeen or eighteen or twenty – seven, but thirty seven, not to mention opening, think about all red in the face。    How to do?How to do?I have been excited to haunt it。    There are evening after dinner, as usual, holding husband and newspaper ready to read with relish。At this time, I suddenly magazine article printed in the press that he was looking at the newspaper,“Recommend an article to you!”I blushed look, a kind of hypocritical, husband reluctantly took it。Which I have the nerve to stand next to his body, he hurried blushing shame to hide in the kitchen, washing dishes to pretend to go。    He stopped about ten minutes, blushing husband into the kitchen。    I laughed and said:“How well written article?”    Husband answered without saying:“Are you missing?!”    I said:“Lack no shortage of is how I feel, do not give your freedom。”    After her husband did not react, I immediately said:“How, not willing to give?”    Husband's face more red,“You need to give it!”Like a helpless。    “Then it from tomorrow!”I have relaxed of relief。    “Why do have to wait for tomorrow?Start now!”Said her husband's hand came from behind me and surround。    Although Taekwondo not to, in fact, never had a warmth in my heart waves。    After embracing the next day, still or because of some chores, I began to towering rage, anger turned into a dolphin whining smoke, the family began to smoke, war imminent。Then her husband smiled and stretched out his arms to me:“Hug, hug!”Without any explanation took me hold up a minute, two minutes……    "Hold me a minute a day" at the end of said much good,“If, as accustomed as a daily habit of love lost and go day by day for love, then love we put the palm and chest would not have cold。”    Indeed, as a result, because of living in our daily red tape, we are most likely to slack off is love, is also the most neglected business or love, always feel that has been buried in the soil of love, respect is an ivy, a years will not wither。In fact, whether it's love, and more long-term, is a very delicate flower, she needs us to constantly water them, to care。To wind it, give it water, light and air to it, the only way to love flowers normally open normally fresh fruit was sweet to love the knot。    Not just us, offer themselves for all the world lovers, not only have to learn to love, to be more attentive care, patience for love, only this way, love will not age with time。

Week: Eastern Conference first boss ultra-efficient power forward shoulder to shoulder Paul

  Beijing time on March 6, according to the NBA's official website reported, NBA officials announced the last week of the NBA Eastern Conference Player, Raptors DeMar – DeRozan and Pelican's Carmelo Anthony – Davis were elected。   Last week, DeRozan in four games averaged a team-high points and added three rebounds and assists。 His shooting percentage and free throw percentage was% and% respectively。   This four games, DeRozan scored a team-high or are tied for the highest, while the Raptors also the only team to win the Eastern Conference last week four games of the team, and for the fifth consecutive season, winning over half。   This is the season DeRozan 4th week to get the best, but also the ninth of his career。
  Davis made last week led the Pelicans 3-0, he averaged 34 points (the league), plus rebounds (third in the league) and blocked shots (third in the league), shooting percentage and free throw percentage in% and% respectively。
  In addition, last week, Davis is the only one league averaging at least 30 points and 10 rebounds player, and he twice led the Pelicans complete reversal (of the sun and the Spurs)。 February 27, pelicans victory over the Suns, Davis had a season-high 53 points and became the first single-game NBA history to get at least 53 points, 18 rebounds and five blocked shots player。
  This is the second time this season, Davis became the week, is the fourth of his career, he became the following on Chris Pelican team history – after Paul (2008-09 season) the first single-season times get the best player of the week。

Eat only a little on the network

That was around 2001, going to the New Year, a holiday home I was in college, I suddenly had a sense of play, I feel like the world is good fresh, after all, people have to a certain age, I was filled with the start see beauty and wanted to then the most important thing is the rise of the network。  At that time the street had a fire a song called "Mice Love Rice", and everywhere in the streets of sound are put in this song。  There is a network novel called "first intimate contact" also fire on the network, the novel about the plot is about a man named Cai riffraff riffraff and literary talent network called friends eat only a little of the story。  Ruffian Tsai wrote so many online comments, stories, novels, fire should not have to see very few people, only one person called him back to eat only a little of the message  “Your words very special, kind of different feeling, no matter what you write down the”  Ruffian Tsai moved up and continue to write up their own words, and her conversation, and gradually liked this girl online, then this girl has a terminal illness, departed, the novel was later made into a movie, Jordan Chan starring, story, until the sky Fei Xu spring, ruffian Tsai wearing that jacket, walking in the street, spring breeze person's face, that's fine, bloom season, he finally saw who called the Whirling Dancer he likes girls text, she really is very long pure beauty, and feel on the network, they sat in the cafe in, say with all sorts of stories of the network, it is his first time meeting her also the penultimate。  The story looked so beautiful, so miserable, that spring is too short, I'm feeling it original network had been so pure。  I think no matter how the times change, beautiful simple man destined simple beauty, this has a relationship with the human heart, with other life background, status, nothing to do, if a person wants to become degenerate ugly bear, ten thousand reasons, but a beautiful and kind man destined beautiful and kind heart, you will see that it simply Nvwang?  She called Whirling Dancer, like dancing in the rain perfume, beautiful, pure, you will warm to the network for a simple feelings like it?  When they come to the end of the winter, spring comes again, at the end there are a lot of people back home, you will see that your friends do?She was wearing a down jacket, dyed red hair do?  Matt is a kill it?There will be those beautiful story yet simple network?  Just met you on the network,“I think your voice has a very special feeling。“The network can also be very warm, is not it?

The symptoms of kidney qi deficiency, it has a "terrible" (1)

  As shown, a physical problems occur: The patient will Yaoxisuanruan weakness, frequent urination clear long, or not the urine and nocturia, enuresis。
And it is nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation, female vaginal discharge thin volume is more than menstrual dripping or fetal irritability, skidding。
  2, physical symptoms: patients with refractory symptoms of chronic illness there, but also often accompanied by cough, respiratory more smoke less, and short breathing time。If the patient usually begins to breathe and move began looking pale, lassitude。Tongue also will be pale, weak pulse or Shen weak。  3, emotional aspects of performance: patients will often have a bad mood, and the mood is difficult to self-control, such as irritability, easy to get angry, anxious worry, dizziness, depression, appetite, etc.。
While the performance in terms of the will is more serious, and usually lack of confidence, lack of confidence, life without passion, no enthusiasm for work, there is no struggle goals and direction。  4, sexual function performance: patients with male and female sexual function will be reduced, while men decreased libido, impotence and it will appear or sexual organs move without kin, nocturnal emission, Hua Jing, premature ejaculation, microscopy can see a reduction in sperm motility or sperm reduce, it will seriously affect fertility。
The woman's uterus will be stunted, such as immature uterus, irregular menstruation, premature ovarian failure, and even amenorrhea。  For those who diet diet Taboo, Taboo should take into account the principle of virtual internal organs。Where the Qi of the people, should eat with qi effect, the level of sweet or sweet warm food, should eat nutritious, easily digestible food level up。Jichi broken gas gas consumption was cool Jichi cold, greasy Atsumi, spicy food。  1, nature, sweet, can Buzhongyiqi。Back in the "do not record" that is the main Qi records, medical food Tang Meng Shen Yiyun: temperature in Qi。
Qing Wang Meng also rice porridge reputation as the poor man's ginseng soup, he said: poor people suffering from deficiency syndrome, to thick rice soup on behalf of Ginseng。
Who should eat it。  2, beef nature, sweet, beneficial blood, fill the stomach, the role of strong bones and muscles。Doctors "Do not recorded," said: beef Zhongyi gas, raising the stomach。
"Han Tong Medicine" said: beef, qi, Astragalus cotton with the same power。
Beef qi shows the power, it is advised to eat it。
  3, dog warm, salty taste, to deficiency of the spleen or lung deficiency or yang or both advised。"Japan Hanako Materia Medica" Cloud: dog supplement Wei Qi, impotence, warm lassitude, tonic labor, Qi Li。"Doctor Lin compile to" also said, dog lungs gas, solid kidney。Especially in autumn and winter food is better。
  8, yam qi food, where the physical or chronic illness Qi, should eat it, the most beneficial。
Yam may lungs gas, fill temper, kidney gas, so any virtual or kidney or lung qi Spleen Deficiency in herbs are used to it。
  In addition, they were also advised to eat rice, millet, corn, barley, sweet potato, pumpkin, white beans, soybeans, beef tripe, fowl, goose, rabbit, quail, herring, squid, octopus, cooked turbot, Sea Pines child, carrots, tofu, soy milk, potato, champignon, mushroom, mushroom, royal jelly, brown sugar, white fungus, Atractylodes, licorice。
How conditioning Qi 1, living advocate conditioning work and rest, do not be too labor, to avoid damage to righteousness。
In normal times, the wind should avoid sweating。
Room environment should be bright warm colors。
  3. diet to restore the best selection of flat side warm, spleen qi of food, such as rice, millet, squash, carrots, yams, jujube, mushrooms, lotus seeds, beans, tofu, chicken, white beans, eggs, quail ( egg), beef, etc.。Try to eat or not eat gas consumption of foods, such as nuts, raw carrots and the like。
Should not eat raw bitter cold, spicy hot food。
Ate several for deficiency in patients with eating nursed back to health therapeutic side: 1, ginger Burning dog attached: cooked with a piece of dog meat, ginger, vegetable oil, garlic, onion right amount。
The dog wash, cut into small pieces; ginger simmer cooked spare。Then cooked with sheet into the casserole, stew first 2 hours, then the vinegar, garlic and ginger into, add water stew, rotten meat until Serve。
Kidney tonic effect。Suitable for impotence, urinating more at night, chills and cold extremities such as Yang deficiency。TCM is deficiency syndrome of chronic bronchitis and chronic nephritis patients should eat。
  2, lamb stew sea cucumber: Warming impotence has the effect of lamb, sea cucumber food is seafood, which is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine, vitamins and other nutrients, cholesterol is almost zero。Sea cucumber and tender meat, and flexible, delicious and refreshing taste, is an excellent tonic。Cucumber can kidney yang, Qi and Yin for fine blood deficiency, Yin constipation。
In the cold winter, the use of sea into a pot of lamb and mutton to participate in sea Ginseng approach is simple and delicious, very tonic for consumption。  3, Cistanche sheep kidney porridge: Cistanche 10 grams, a sheep kidney (to endometrial, chopped) 100 grams, with gruel。There kidney yang, benefits will be proficient in the role for the elderly Kidney failure caused by chills, lassitude Leng Tong, frequent urination, nighttime urination, constipation, this side is more classic diet party。  Chinese pay attention to colored into five internal organs, red into the heart, the liver cyan, yellow spleen, White lungs, the black into the kidney, if you encounter a threat, then they would eat black food。
Black foods generally are rich in vitamins and trace elements, as we usually say, "Black Five", including black rice, black beans, black sesame seeds, dates, black walnut, is the most typical representative。