he hand –

  ”I hope that our family can be so happy, happy go.”
  Ah, our family, he clearly knows that his home should be where.
  Opened his eyes, he was in the exp都市体验网ectations of their parents, drum gas, blew and blew one, count them out all the candles extinguished early waited at the switch Pei Naochun very timely, quickly turned on the light, the promise is not just Note that this find, the upper half of a table next to the yarn made via the food cover, vague can see inside rich dish.
  ”Next, we would like to invite the public to points of birthday cake.”Pei Naochun the bakery distribution of plastic knife upon their son.
  Pei Yuanbo help immediately set their sights on a camel father: “Dad, you help me good, I will not be cut.”
  I heard his words, Pei Naochun subconsciously surprised a moment, he smiled and walked behind his son, half clutch his, clasped his hands and began to help split cake.
  ”This small, to eat grandmother, Grandma can not eat so much cream.”He has a kind of mol杭州夜网论坛d in command of my father,” Mom and Dad eat much, or I can not eat.Then the rest, I will try to eat.”He gave his point sly expression, children of this age, favorite cake.
  ”Well, you gave.”Yang Qiuping replied with a smile, she quietly and Pei grandmother of the eye – the other day, unless cajole, Peiyuan Bo will not express my opinion, are their own observations, sometimes, what do let him embarrassed, he would quietly persevere.
  ”My late gift to give you, your mother and your grandmother prepared a gift, you want to give them out.”
  Pei grandmother heard this, pulled out from behind a gift, she did not get what the packaging: “This is my grandmother gave you satisfied shoes and sweaters, and finally change over a few months will be able to use the.”She also secretly stuffed the sweater had a one thousand red envelopes, was found Pei Naochun, promptly gave her.
  Pei Yuanbo immediately picked out a spot to try to see her grandmother –
  He almost did not suffocate, although sweater is

ng also very fit, took his son to go out into the table that go – in fact, she has a lot of tears, which is also under the control could not, did not want to see Yuan Yuan.

  Pei Yuanbo before sitting the table, leaned in front after looking exceptionally huge cake, was surrounded by ardent looked at him, and put him as a baby, it is important loved ones, because the light with lights, flickering candle light, shine on the face, you can particularly clearly see facial expressions, her mother and grandmother were crying, and my father though not te深圳桑拿按摩ars, but also f深圳桑拿网rom a layer of fog glasses.
  ”Yuan Yuan, today is the last new one year old, pregnant luck to walk away full, good luck to come.”Pei Grandma recited, like Pray tell what is in the Buddha ceremony to do.
  Yang Qiuping has dried her tears, she re-focused on the head: “Today, in the past, is the new one year old.”
  Ordinarily in common, but just a birthday, this can be like family, however, it has been separated for a long time – like this one carries special significance, say goodbye to those painful torment each other, blame, blame each other time, welcome to cherish each other, hey did not give a good day.
  ”Yuan Yuan, the make a wish.”Pei Naochun today is the only one who can calm mood, he smiled and clapped his hands.
  ”it is good.”Pei Yuanbo and just get started, quietly closed his eyes, there are many scenarios emerge in front, overlapping and skip.
  He asked a few years have a profound memories, and get along with his paren北京夜网ts and West-Lu.After he was back, crying into his Naochun Pei, and Pei Yang Qiuping grandmother.And this short span of less than six months, but like after a long time, and by the love generation, need to be carefully treated as a treasure of the day.
  This world, there are many things to choose, just for the child, he is not an easy thing to do, he has not seemed to find time to really thoroughly remove those barriers, fully integrated into a new life.
  His hands folded, head against t

e had another birthday, it is also a fall, comparable to today more than a month later, he came, he has never thought there should be an exact birthday.

  Yang Qiuping eyes already cast a mist, in the same year, the child, at home only after two full inside birthday, third birthday has not arrived yet, has not at home, and later every year, he birthday, the family of three, just like there is a consensus, the whole does not exist when such a day, silently let him past.
  ”Yuan Bo, today, 杭州夜网ten years ago, we were in the hospital until you.”Pei NaochunThe gentle voice with a smile, “you are so small that time, I was in your grandmother to ask, you picked up, I always felt that he just a little hard, it will let you where the pain with pain, then your mother see me next, I said it, that I’ll get you uncomfortable.”
  Yang Qiuping tears shouting: “How are you will not hold the child, not professional posture!”
  ”At that time not much hair on your head, though soft, but less good.”
  Pei grandmother interrupted, afraid to get the cake, just gently come back a bit to his son: “How can say that his son.”
  ”Ok.”Pei Naochun simmering laugh, he shrugged his shoulders,” Yuan Yuan, after you go home, my father’s family status straight decline, appeared to be down to the last bit.”
  He cleared his throat and went on, the atmosphere did not intend to get too heavy, because it is the birthday of Yuan Yuan: “At that time I thought, you are so small, how can we grow so big it?You make me feel amazing, like a miracle, he appeared at my side.”
  Pei Yuanbo somewhat shy, he will be looked at father’s face shone bright.
  ”I’m really happy and feel very luc南宁桑拿ky, although once you grow missed significant time, you can still grow up healthy.”Pei Naochun deliberately blinked,” Yuan Yuan, this is the tenth year that you come around us, happy birthday.”
  ”Just let go sit Yuan Yuan, or candle going out.”Pei Grandma four sharp eyes, ears, noting the crumbling candles, the whole organization.
  Yang Qiupi

t to the supermarket, nothing buy, come out empty-handed, went to the roadside stalls there, watching me for a long time, and finally bought ten dollars is not suitable for mothers bracelet-style bar, more like do not want to go home so early as.

  Wait until the end of this long journey, the time has come to evening, outside the sky had begun to turn black, the sun has fallen.
  Just left the elevator, Yang Qiuping to suddenly squat shoelaces, she stretched out her hand and handed the keys to his son: “Yuan Yuan, you first open the door, my mother tie a shoelace.”
  Peiyuan Bo did not say anything, just quietly went to the door, insert the key to open the door, and sure enough, today’s mom is so strange, the door would not you take off your shoes?Why now tie their shoes?Turn a door handle a pressure, he opened the南宁桑拿 door, the house is a stretch – more strange, grandmother today do not do at home?Grandma do not go out at night basic.
  He could hear footsteps behind him, my mother, my mother pushed him into the house, this time Peiyuan Bo has found a reasonable explanation, chances are it is a power outage?He forgot they were just sitting in the elevator up, of course, into the house, I heard my mother’s voice close behind, then, is the trio –
  ”Happy Birthday.”It should be everyone singing, he looked around blankly, I saw there was a little in front of the fire, holding the cake is the father, it was a car-shaped cake, I do not know how to do it, on top of the point would be able to ninety candles, he did not know the number, and his father’s side of the grandmother, she took her glasses, leaning on a cane, is awkward patting his hand grasping a cane, singing.
  Pei Grandma estimated that very few singing, a little out of tune, and my father is in the air is quite full, living singing military songs surging sense of the atmosphere, the mother’s voice behind him, full of tenderness.
  It turned out that today is his birthday it?
  In the village of 杭州夜网论坛Tai Pei Yuanbo forest, th

o me, the envelope with the address of the house, my mother said, I welcome you to send a letter, I asked my mother gave me some stamps, send a letter to the stamp, Do you remember the resent posted good.] A lot to say, Pei Yuanbo mused, have added a sentence, [especially mom and dad love me, please do not worry about me, Sincerely, salute.]

  In fact Peiyuan Bo Regards still do not understand what it meant, but he wrote before, search with home computer and saw many write format, there are the words, they have to go with, he carefully the written letter into an envelope, and installed that good to put on the cover, stamps, this heart satisfaction from the seal, write the address, he encountered a major problem, although the mother prior to his address to copy can “Tai” word really so hard to write, a row address where it is e都市夜网specially great, he guiltily in turn under pressure in books, pretended not to see – it was the postman uncle would understand it?
  ”Bo Yuan!”Sitting behind him, and with him is as old as the boy, called the Little Ming, the other excited face:” You give me say it again chant!”
  ”what happened?”Pei Yuanbo some confusion, he was quite popular in the class, although for admission, but he sports a good academic performance is not too bad, is when I first came, many students crowd him at the door, asking him not quite nerve.
  Zhang Xiaoming holding paper work: “I am just a dog how to say words of the South?”He asked the last time, did not remember.
  ”.”Peiyuan Bo resigned look, he did not get to know, why is so fond of his classmates learn weird, he will continually have to teach out what son of a bitch, big dog feces, I am a pig,苏州夜网 I am a dog” baby, Department of high!”He had to read it in.
  ”Thank you!”Xiaoming very happy, immediately on paper a good standard Pinyin, then Peiyuan Bo saw him sit next to me to write the most handsome three characters.
  ”Dong Son!Come, you read it, this is my most handsome southern dialect.”Xiao Ming thieves looking深圳桑拿网 to

patchwork molding – This is a unique gift.

  In fact, he did not complete truth and Xiao Wu said, “Yuan” There are two, one is Xiao Wu visible, independent study, not produce emotion, emotional pseudo artificial intelligence, and the other, it is the current technology can achieve the artificial small retarded.
  ”But then, there are new problems to solve.”Pei Naochun eyes, already is everything is ready, insert a thin chip of the smart watch case, dial with the transformation of smartphone screens, bright colors, showing good results, the strap is replaceable,” the voice system how to solve it?”
  Pe北京兔兔体验网i Naochun is a focus on intellectual property rights of the people, coupled with the now, the voice system is not popular, he can only be clothed yourself –
  All right, then I own it.
  He pondered, quietly opened the microphon北京风月网e to record up to enunciate – yes, he had to record a version of dialect, that dialect son in the South to learn how to say?
  [Cub, a few days before you call me, I did not receive, because I have to go to school, but you are skipping yet?Do you still do not have school?I am now in the city of B first primary school, schools attached two pictures, I find students to work this cover to run out of the school with a book, are unified seal, I see top photo, you together sent to you.]
  Peiyuan Bo tilts his head and did not hold back biting written, his bad habit of being mom and dad corrected several times before changing for the better.
  [School classmates well, they say in Mandarin, we often say that local, they can not understand – quietly tell you, their dialect, Putonghua and almost, really strange.I’m here all right, do not worry.]
  Although under the supervision of parents, he had begun writing characters, 深圳桑拿网can not completely changing for the better, others three big a word game, written especially hard, if something is not cushioned, will be able to live back with a pencil to write the penetrating, effect.
  [I miss you, you have a lot to write t

, Flew to blame: “Lady, Chunxiao set me up, she lied to me into the yard, trampled a dirty man, his wife to call the shots for me ah!”

Spring has sneered: “Oh?Implying that I tie you to come to the yard?The neighbors can be clearly seen it, you came in, or that you feel this is my house San Acacia to you under?It also clearly brings yourself, since you say that I am lying to you, then you’d talk, I am such a basket case, what can the allure, what people, what can you lie to Bowen fond of it?”
This sentence, both straight Chuoxiang Bowen’s heart.
She was not not answer, but can not answer.
Because the answer behind this, than the man outside her fornication charges ten times bigger!
Bowen stood there, trembling, repeatedly shook his head: “No, no, no, she is nonsense, I do not, I really do not!”
Jiang Chu Paced slowly approached her: “San Acacia, the name, I know the name.”
Bowen quickly said: “This is medicine, medicine

r, he but he received from the teacherphone.

  The teacher invited him to create a “miracle” together, he readily agreed.
  ”can.”Pei Naochun nodded his head, he silently down the Enter key locations, appeared in front of a simple blue and white interface – like a return to the era of DOS op爱上海龙凤419网erating system, a bright blue background, only a white cursor flashing conspicuous, he was in awe Xiao Wu, quietly at the computer, enter: “Hello.”
  ”He will answer it?”Xiao Wu a little nervous, his eyes locked on the screen.
  That brief _ symbols flash on the screen according to the frequency, just a word of kung fu, quietly appeared the words: “Hello, Mr. Pei to create me, call me what you want to do?”
  ”Teacher, he answered!”Xiao Wu excitement was not, he chose to scientific research, to some extent, the heart also has a sci-fi dream, these years have seen a lot of literature, there are many countries in the onrush of artificial intelligence, in his view, he is very far from what he never thought it was possible reality within reach.
  ”Ah, he answered.”Pei Naochun answered with a smile, he smiled and said,” You say how kind he called artificial small retarded?”
  Xiao Wu has always looked at his respected teacher, suddenly silence: “.I think that may not be good.”
  ”Joking.”Pei Naochun against the chair, as if to say casually,” in fact, I called the 009 is not bad.”
  His voice faded, my mind rang familiar mechanical voice: [warning, official w杭州桑拿洗浴arning, do not just take up the name of the system, the host system is reputation infringement.]
  ”Why 009?Is there ahead of you, 2, 3?”
  Xiao Wu Pei Naochun no doubt the answer, just quietly entered on the screen: “Your name is Yuan.”
  ”yuan?”Xiao Wu thoughtfully,” New Year’s Day, the first year, which is the original meaning, this represents a beginning?”
  ”No, just the name has a special meaning for me.”Pei Naochun no explanation, he neatly enter the code on the screen, while doing the same Xiao Wu explained,” strictly speaking, it is not

Infant spirit, the infant spirit is born soon died, and his parents did not do salvation, are supposed to be the soul of the helpless, we can not be reborn, dying earthly life.This flexibility in the world one day will have endless grievances hatred, an excuse to find his biological parents or live in the world of blood brothers, entangled everything, to thereby achieve his revenge.But this situation will result in the consequences of his never able to bounce back, however, he did not know what this world is to take the luck, actually be able to shun births.”

Wu Tao said, to see her in perfect order, not by clinging to his brother, remembered his father before he went to Wu’s Revenge, will almost kill him, not help the hearts of surprised, facing Ann eagerly asked Wei Zhen “what he does now?”

Wei Zhen security reasons faint Lift your eyes, “That’s what I said you do not let his hands.He died of past life stuck on, and finally the birth of the world, but also lived only a few months, he was tortured to death made Lucky kid, he should have a big chance in this life, but was also to Wu and his son this and other appearance, so Wu and his son who will not only carry a causal hand kill loved ones karmic debt, as well as the opportunity of breaking people.Heaven reincarnation, your brother this life lost, and so after his reincarnation, heaven will give him to the East

Bo nodded his head, he obediently eat oranges look, like the Yang Qiuping also comes with a heart as soft filter.

  After his son back, long live the family seem to have been frozen, thawed moment, like overnight, returned seven years ago, though, it also requires a bit of effort, think of this, Yang Qiuping not help苏州夜网 but sigh, not that bad son or family do not work hard, but not together long-term coexistence, there is always not on time.
  For example, his son spent too long in the South, but also master the local dialect, and sometimes a hurry, did not pay attention to speaking, Jiliguala, the family no one can understand; how much the two tastes are also some differences, such as brackish, families eat dishes, this is a process of mutual accommodation.
  But everything will be OK.
  Yang Qiuping quietly watching everything in sight, Pei Yuanbo pad on the table a piece of paper, like a little squirrel as seriously gnawing orange, plate-inch head grow out some, has some hair on top of soft, living room that, Pei grandmother positive wore glasses, beside a basket of clothes and wool, located in the middle of the living room goes, Yuan Yuan was born sho苏州夜网rtly after the family photo shoot, has also been replaced, replaced now, is the last week, a special trip to the museum camera shot, shot, four people face wearing that same smile, the body also tightly nestled together, leaving no gaps.
  This is her guardian would give anything to be home, she also fir杭州夜网mly believe that everything will be on track.
  B University City, every summer vacation, the college is like a semi-slumber, like, the past is always crowded trail, library filled with students, more than half empty at this time also, the Pei Naochun laboratory, is anchored in the name of computer Science, placed inside a lot of equipment, except for himself, it was only with the students to go.
  ”Pei, we have to start yet?”Xiao Wu passed the exam, enrolled graduate students, instructors precisely Pei Naochun before scho