The old face change,“Do you know what you are doing??

I want to know, answer again.,this world,Even in the city is not safe……”“roll!”
Summer faint spit out a word。
What is the life and death?,He is not killing!“you……”The old man’s face is a young white,Noodles。
He just have to do way,Face is suddenly changed。
Bamboo!at this time,A residual shadow,A clear old man appears in the door door。
He stared at each other,Cold and cold,“Inflammatory,Do you want to die??
Dare to have troubles here!”
Some of the old people named Yan magic are unnatural.,And turn a laugh,“Nervous,I just recognized the wrong person.,I thought it was a friend of a friend.,Ha ha。”
He deeply stared in the summer,Turn away。
NS3393chapter God
Man named Yan,Leave it under nine hands。
No box,Can only sit in the seat of the hall。
Just, before the pair, the sick is in the summer.,It is a killing that does not add shots.。
Here,Summer is not concerned。
So many boxes,Looking for them,Obviously it is to see people。
How to live in life and death。
It is the maid that serves them.,Special reminder,“Two respected guests,The man is named,Early strong,It is the bay leader of the caled mountain mine vein.,Please be careful。”
Summer stunned,Some are surprised to see a woman。
Dongfeng is not simple.。
Not only have a life and death master,Even a maid is like this。
Women smile,Heart is somewhat curious。
Previous time,She gets a high-level order,Let her show two VIPs in the box。
One of the people does not have to say,It is the woman in the main Zeah of the city.。
Another person is even more,I will consume tens of millions in the guild.。
the most important is,The other party took out 30 four-character auction……This is for Dongfeng guild,Higher attraction。
If it is possible to launch long-term cooperation with the other party,Dongfeng will appear in the appeal of the Shenpu mainland,I will inevitably be more upstairs.。
That is a four-character,The market will not circulate at all。
“Vulture mountain?”
Zhou Wei Yu Meng,Dissatisfaction,“I also heard,My father said that the mine is not a good thing.。”
Toned,Also,“The power of the mine is very large,They have a lot of eyelids in major city pools.,And it will penetrate all walks of life,Sometimes it will be equipped with the wild robbers.,Do some of the people who are not seen。
Master brother is worried,I am not afraid of them.。”
“Ha ha。”
Summit and nodded,“right。
I will rely on you later.。”
“That is,I will definitely protect you.。”
Zhou Wei is proud,A face of proud。
At this time,Bright hall,Suddenly came from a slight disturbance。