Since Meng Jiao has already said that,So why is Wang Teng being polite to her?。

Now words,Wang Teng just spray it directly。
And this time,Meng Jiao was obviously taken aback。
She never thought,Wang Teng would suddenly say that。
When I see here,obviously,In Meng Jiao’s look,What should I do,It is beyond doubt that it has come。
slowly,Looking around,Meng Jiao sighed:“cut,Said so much,Don’t you still have no money to buy a house?”
“Since you have no money, get out,We are here,Don’t welcome poor ghosts like you!”
Following Meng Jiao’s words,,For Wang Teng,But the more I look at it, the more funny I feel。
But now,Since Meng Jiao has already said that。
Then next,If Wang Teng doesn’t say anything,,That’s not good?
See these,Wang Teng at this time,Whole person’s face,With a trace of indescribable indifference。
obviously,Such a thing,Actually fell in the eyes of Wang Teng,But the more I look at it, the more ridiculous it becomes。
“All right,Now words,I don’t want to struggle so much for the time being。”
“You better leave quickly,if not,I dare not vouch for you in a moment!”
Wang Teng is telling the truth,With him buried No.1 Villa of Haoting,Wang Teng has this qualification。