Two women have grateful。

Before, not perfunctory,Not a lie,Both origin。
They are also very clear,Today’s enemies are getting stronger,Involve involvement,Their strength,Not qualified at all,。
And the two really like this calm and peaceful life.。
Also talk about a few words,Summer take the initiative,“The little flower is okay these days.。”
“Miss is very good.,Understanding。”
Sprint,The sisters are not born on the face of the two。
“In the past few days, we will then go directly to the company.,Waiting for Liu Chuan,Go back together,However, Miss often asked Mr. Xia to come back these days.。”
The lines of the summer face are also slightly slow,Hague corner brings together。
People often say that the child is a mirror in adult heart,But for adults,Child’s pure and beautiful heart,Why isn’t a sooth?。
Time hurriedly passed,The school gate is very fast,Then become the hustle and bustle。
I finally came to school.。
As a team of toddings go out of the school,So far from their respective parents。
“Ice sister,Snow sister。”
Small flower is the same,Match the little short legs to the ice sister in Sichuan。
But just ran two steps,Suddenly,I saw the body shape hiding behind the sisters.。
The delicate little face of Xiaohua suddenly flaws the expression。
She jumped on the ground and called,Completely desperate,Screaming in the mouth to run to the summer,The face is a sweet smile,It seems that pure cute。
“Brother……”For summer,The little flower has different meaning in his heart.。
This little girl is a smile,Will always make him not help。
Some troubles in the soul and heavy immediately,He opened his arms,Welcome a few steps,Then I took the little flower.。
“Brother,Small flowers miss you,But I don’t dare to say the sister of Liu.,Because Liu sister also miss you。”
Small flowers exposed in the summer to show the laughter of the signature,Her long eyelashes,Black and white, big eyes, is a blurry water mist。
“I also want small flowers,Is this not going to get off work now?。”
Summer laughing and comforting,Continue with her to park the parking lot。
“Do you want to go to work?。”
“Um,Still go,But I will take a few days.,Waiting for tomorrow, I will take you with you.。”
“Ok, okay.……Ah,Can’t,tomorrow is Saturday,I want to make a course at home.,Liu sister invited a family teacher for small flowers。”
Say,The little flower is pitiful.,“It’s not good to have a small flower.。”
“Brother, you are best。”
“Haha,I am very sure of that,Little flower wants to play?”
“As long as you are with your brother?。”
“Let’s go to the children’s playground.。”
“Good yeah,I want to do a ferris wheel.,I still have to pirate ship,There is also a roller coaster……”Walking in Sichuan in the back and Sichuan, Ice sister, two people listen to the two,Nor free to show a smile。
……Since the sacredity announced the cancellation,The various great powers of the West are all relieved.。
after all,Can’t see the holy battle,No one is willing to participate,That will be dead,Also make the entire West change。
However, these days,Since the heart, but someone is noticeable.。
The whole Western underground world has a bloody storm,In addition to nine hegemonics,Many big medium and medium-sighted battles have conducted a bruised big shuffle。