What else does not say more?,But look at the flying shadow,Flying shadows said directly。

“do not know why,I always feel in my heart.,It seems to be a slice。”
“But I can’t say it.,Why is it?,Always have an ominous premonition。”
Flying,Let those people around me feel awkward。
These people all look at the eyes.,I am thinking about the story of flying shadows.,What exactly does that mean。
But just at this time,not far away,A voice,Suddenly http://www.mideajfl.cn sound。
“did not expect,Someone outside outside。”
This sound,It’s still a panic.。
Who,Who is it??
When you hear it,These people are brushing to look at the eyes.。
obviously, Such a thing,It is even more likely to let others feel a bit anxious.。
Now,How should I cope with this??
This is,Also become what they need to do now.。
I want to understand this.,In front of you, these people were brushing to look at the eyes.。
obviously,this matter,In fact, they don’t expect it at all.。
After a while,For these,The flying shadow is, the more I think it is fun.。
“you,Is it unauthorized person who broke into this??”
Flying shadows clapping,But when the line of sight falls on the forest,The flying shadows stopped a little.。
Is it because Lin is too beautiful??
It’s undeniable,Lin light snow http://www.cdczjx.cn is really beautiful.。
but,Let the flying shadow,Not only because this。
But because the flying shadow is on the body of the forest,Feel a very familiar feeling。
Think here,The opening of the flying shadow。
“you,It is a tolerance?”
The story of the flying shadow,Lin Gangxue is some curious:“How did you know?”
after all,Lin Wei Snow itself thought about it to come to this side of a sudden attack.。
but,Sudden opening here,Then let Lin light snow itself,It is even more difficult to prevent。
And this time,Lin Xiaoxue seemed to look at the eyes,The heart is secretly pondering here.。
obviously,at this point,It is not expected by Lin Gangxue.。
Frontier,Feiying continues:“intuition,experience,And you are too bad.,It’s easy to recognize it.。”
Shen Xuan standside,For all this,He felt interesting。
Before,Shen Xuan has reminded Lin light snow。
But at that time,Lin Wei Snow is still a pair of me.,Don’t take these too seriously。
For these,Shen Xuan is a little headache。