Wu Gui stands in front of him,The expression on the face is three points、Three points http://www.coilnail.cnregret、Quarterly。

“Palace brother。”
“do not……Calling my palace is good。”
Wu Gui shook his head,The expression on the face is very firm。
“Do not……Palace brother,We are wrong.。”
Say,Wu Gui also used his shimmy to his head.。
Palace clearly swallowed the mouth,After finding Zhang An in the crowd,Finger refers to Wu Gui in front of himself.。
“He is not underneath?Still drinking again?”
It is expected that Palace is expected.,Zhang An did not answer his question,It is complicated to him in the face.,Emotional changes in the eyes。
Frightened,Miyan Qingwen has some vicious,What is this??
“Palace brother,We are wrong.……”
“Palace brother,We are wrong.……”
Angry Qing Yang Shu is the first to respond to Wu Gui’s,Losing Liu Hao is also thinking about a while,Repeat this sentence。
Other four substitute http://www.zhuangyan086.cn players,Although only two,But at this time, their expression is like other people.。
Be ashamed,Have some touch。
“Do not……We are wrong.!Big mistake!”
“That……That line,You are wrong.。”
Palace Qingwen touched the nose,First along,Other things will say。
“That……http://www.zengzhouweibo.cn You said,Your wrong。”
“Where are we wrong?……”
Gong Qingwen forehead of the green gluten jump,But after seeing the number of each other,Or I still have to hurt the impulse。
Take Zhang An to one side,Palace clear text:“What situation,What is this?。”
Zhang Tian stared at him for a while.,Shake an angry。
“Some people are like fireflies in the night.……”
“Don’t make trouble,The captain, you are serious.,What is this?。”
Zhang An read him,The expression is finally restored.,The mouth of the mouth exposed。
“Then you have to ask Yang Shuhe Liu Hao.……”
Half,Palace Qingwen is finally figured out the dragon。
Yang Shuhe Liu Hao double after going out,I went directly to Wu Gui and Zhang An in advance.。