“nonsense!My Yang Ying’s business,How can you grab it casually。I’m already a step ahead,Even if they come,No one can match my scale。Because the land you transferred,I alone accounted for two-thirds”Yang Ying said very confidently。

Xia Jianyi listen,Deliberately laughed out loud:“Mr. Yang is really smart。It can be said to be the first step,Others can only sigh with excitement”
“Eat http://www.ntglmall.cn vegetables,Talk about things,But this table dish,And you can’t leave here until you finish drinking this bottle of wine。As soon as i received your call,Gave the babysitter a death order,But my babysitter is not bad,The vegetables are good,And it’s fast”
Yang Ying said,Laughed a little smugly。Xia Jianyi listen,Also laughed,It seems he guessed right。At least two people live here,Otherwise, let Yang Ying laundry cook,Someone like her,Can you do this?
Yang Ying speaks,Let Xia Jian eat well,Xia Jian is still pretending to be gentle,I can’t hold it back。Because he was already hungry。Seeing Xia Jian eating so exciting,Yang Ying is also happy。
Eating delicious meals,Can also drink imported red wine。And there is a woman like Yang Ying to accompany you,It stands to reason that Xia Jian should be content。But he knew,He comes tonight,I’m definitely not here to drink with Yang Ying,Or they are here to appreciate the beauty。
then,When the wine is almost finished,When the dishes are full。Xia Jian smiled and said:“Manager Yang!I’m going back to Bucheon tomorrow,You look,Is there anything else I need to tell me??”
Yang Ying glanced at Xia Jian,Smiled emotionally:“I think it’s gone,Because for you where,It’s ice and snow now,Even if i have any request,You can’t do it。So I won’t ask for it here,You are ready”
“Since this is the case,Then I’ll leave,Because the plane at nine o’clock tomorrow morning,I have to go back and prepare”Xia Jian stood up as he spoke。
Yang Yingyi Kan,His face moved slightly,Said somewhat displeased:“The plane at nine o’clock tomorrow morning,Not the plane tonight,What is your hurry?”
“Oh!Is such that。I give an old cadre acupuncture,And this time going back,May take a long time to comeGZ,So I have to arrange this for him personally,Otherwise, the treatment some time ago will be albino”Xia Jian was pressed by Yang Ying,He can only lie。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“You still this?I heard you can fight,But still understand medical skills,I don’t seem to have heard of it”
“Mr. Yang, forget things,I told you,My acquaintance with Gu Yue,Because I saved her life”Xia Jian can only say that,So that Yang Ying believes him。
Xia Jian knew,He’s going back late tonight,Luo Yi will definitely be upset。How could it be said that being a man is difficult??
Yang Ying thought for a while and said:“You seem to have told me this question,But after a long time I forgot。How about this!Since you really understand medicine,I just happened to have a pain in my waist these past few days,Then please give me a pinch,If it’s like you said,I won’t keep you”
Xia Jianyi listen,A little bit difficult。What does Yang http://www.baiyunpj.cn Ying mean?。He comes tonight,One is to explore this person’s tone,Second, Yang Ying told him a few days ago,Before letting him go back,Come to her to discuss something。
Seeing Xia Jianju’s hesitation,Yang Ying smiled and said:“how?You do not dare?That means you don’t know any medical skills,Everything you say is deceptive。Your only choice is to sit down and drink with me for a while“
Yang Ying stood up as she spoke,It looks like I’m going to get wine again。