“How can I not allow?,Love invests in our moon,Is trust in us。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“But love is not the time,Because our business will encounter some trouble,Need to handle,How about this,You live in China in Central China,Let’s talk about it again。”

“Conolitude,Evil gang?”Asked。
“Love, really, the news,good,It is a conclusion,Evil gang。”Lin Feng smiled and explained:“so,We have to deal with things,Otherwise this is unfair to you.。”
“I can shoot this,Since I invest,I am also a shareholder of the moon.,There is difficult to teeth Lake Lake,I can stand by side.。”Love smiles。
“it is good,Then thank you very much.。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Love,I don’t have a driving technology.,Don’t talk,Take care of it,Drink a few cups today。”
“Ok。”Love my noddion。
I immediately drive seriously.,Half time,Car parked at the door of the Villa Belle,Some people stand in the door of the villa。
What is the first is the ancestral dragon,Zu Qinglong Tang Dynasty,Carrying hands,Hair black,Vigorous,Continuously scrub the marrow coat of the color quenching,The first master of this Qinglong Chamber of Commerce has become more young.,And more advanced skills。
Starting behind the ancestral dragon,Black and white hand,Hong Hai,Big fly,Xu Wenqiang five major Qinglong Chamber of Commerce,Now Xu Wenqiang is very important in http://www.sister365.cn Qinglong Chamber of Commerce.,And big flying。
In addition to the five giants of Qinglong Chamber of Commerce,And yellow wind。
It’s just a black windbreaker at this moment.,The whole person looks more magnificent。
Door opening,Lin Feng’s figure came out,The figure, after the post-feeling and Liu Hao.。
“Welcome to the president,Liu Miss arrived。”Zu Qinglong smiled and went up。
“Zu Qinglong?How can you become so young??You broke through?”Love is looking at the ancestors,Rao is a deep practice,Ambiguous,Can’t calm down at this moment。
“Nothing is impossible。”Zu Qinglong haha laughed and went up。
“Congratulations,congratulations。”Love smiles like a flower:“Broken,Your future is far from me.。”
“You are welcome,I’m old。”Zu Qinglong laughs:“Come,These are the Liu Wei of our Chamber of Commerce.,Goddess,http://www.guohuogou.cnSix Palace,Xu Wenqiang,This is the Yellow Crescent Lake。”
“Fortunately!”Love and laugh,This Qinglong Chamber of Commerce exceeds her imagination.。
Liu Wei,Black and white hand,Hong Hai,Big fly,Xu Wenqiang,Huang Fengyu smiled and went up.,And the big southwestern。
“Go in。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Big fly,Is good wine ready??”
“Big brother,rest assured,130French red wine,Prepared for the two beautiful guests。”Ganfei laughs。
“That’s good。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“A strong,You drink again in the evening.。”
“fine,In the evening,Reothergy to celebrate the feast。”Xu Wenqiang laughs。
“I want to drink with Aqiang at night.,God。”Big flying shot Xu Wenqiang’s shoulder,俩人原本都是统一一个市地下世界的王者。