Last time Mu Xuefeng made waves in Konoha City,Han Liang made a special trip to join Qin Shi。

It’s just that Qin Shi didn’t take him in,Unexpectedly, he turned around and went with Yuan Shilong。
And Han Liang,I only know Yuan Shilong told himself,I want to meet a very important guest today,I didn’t expect to be able to meet Qin Shi here by such a coincidence。
See this face,Han Liang instantly recalled that he was on the road,The scene where this man overturned all his bodyguards,Suddenly a cool back。
This is a devil……
Yuan Shilong was taken aback,Looked at Han Liang,Looked at Qin Shi again,Said:“you,Qin Shi?”
Qin Shi nodded。
“Your driver,The car skills are really good,Courageous,Took my wife’s parking space,Still want to be thin with my wife。”
I guessed it,This person is the Long brother that the driver said。
Yuan Shilong heard this,Smile immediately,Said:“Sorry,Mr. Qin,Several of us,Have been waiting for a long time。”
The driver was completely stupid。
This kid……Is this Long Brother’s VIP today?……
Brother Long was so kind to him,And also called Mr. Qin!