Suddenly a slightly blunt Chinese came from the door。

Everyone looked back after hearing this,I saw three strong men at the door,They wear white rope-like wipes on their heads,I also wear a white exercise suit,Wearing white socks on feet,Stepping on clogs,Wearing a down jacket casually on the shoulders,It can be seen that they came from a short distance,Holding hands,Looking at the people in the venue with a calm face。
Someone in the crowd yelled quietly,Seeing that they look like Japanese people。
“Hey,Which one of you is the boss?”The tall, strong man in the lead yelled a little impatiently。
“I am,what happened,Problems?”Mo Jinqi stood up,Some displeased looking at them and asked。
“What do you mean by opening the shop next to our shop?Grab business??still is,Looking for death!”The man glanced at Mo Jinqi,Shen Sheng asked。
First0341Chapter fist fight provocation
Everyone’s complexion changed slightly when they heard this,Obviously I heard the threat in the words,Turning to look at Mo Jinqi, Wan Xiaofeng and others。
Mo Jinqi glanced at these Japanese people with a calm face,I tried my best to suppress my inner anger,Knowing that most of them are here to make trouble,If not for today,He has already done it directly。
In fact, before they chose the location of their boxing gym, they knew that there was a fighting gym that taught judo and karate not far away.,But the types of boxing taught by their boxing gym are mostly fighting and Chinese boxing.,There is no conflict with the judo and karate taught by the Japanese people,And when they were renovating the boxing gym, these Japanese people also saw it,Didn’t say much,I didn’t expect it just opened today,They ran over and made trouble,Obviously deliberate。
“We open our,You open yours,And what we teach is the Chinese boxing technique,It’s not the stuff that you wore to coax children,Why did you steal your business??”Mo Jinqi guessed what the other party came from,It’s not at all polite,Coldly shot back。
“idiot!Do you dare to say that our national martial arts are children’s stuff?”