Qin Liang bite the bullet and reluctantly answered,But the old face is still red。

“So thick-skinned。”
Chen Hao deliberately mocked Qin Liang,Actually nothing to be sarcastic,What Qin Liang said is not wrong,It’s true that there’s nothing wrong with chatting with girls at home and nothing to blame,It’s not about chatting up with a beauty you don’t know outside,What can be wrong。
“Talking with you makes you thick-skinned?Are you sure?”
Qin Liang started to have something to say!If you talk to Chen Hao, you’ll be thick-skinned,What is the name of having sex with Chen Hao in bed??So Qin Liang really said this to Chen Hao specifically,He also knows:Chen Hao IQ,She knows exactly what she means in this sentence。
“Too lazy to argue with you。”
really,Chen Hao’s face immediately turned red,But pretending to be careless and replied,But the expression in his eyes began to avoid Qin Liang’s gaze。
Small,I still can’t cure you!See if you dare to be in love with me,Hehe……Qin Liang thought proudly。
“No no no,I’m not arguing with you,We are just discussing the problem,But I really want to continue discussing this issue with you。”
Qin Liang still has something to say……
“I have no time to discuss any issues with you,I want to pour water to drink,Talk too much,thirsty。”
Chen Hao gave himself an excuse to avoid,Turned around and poured water,No one knows who is thirsty,But the water must be poured at this time。
Chen Hao poured water while running,Qin Liang looked at her back,Then he turned to look at Song Min,But I was surprised to find that Song Min was also looking at him with big skeletal eyes.,The beautiful eyes,Suddenly he frightened back what Qin Liang wanted to say to her!
The two looked at each other for a moment,Song Min’s eyes are always fearless,So Qin Liang started to counsel again,He looked away from Song Min’s eyes with a guilty conscience……
Look away,The heart began to beat faster!
Chen Hao is standing at the water diversion machine and not coming back,Qin Liang doesn’t know what to say to Song Min,The atmosphere in the bedroom instantly became weird!Obviously there are three big living people,But it’s so quiet that you can hear the sound of breathing。
I have a hasty!What the hell is this……Qin Liang cried secretly!The less you know what to say, the more embarrassing,And the more embarrassed, the less you know what to say!
“Strange,Why are you not talking anymore?Don’t you enjoy talking to beautiful women the most?Do you think I am not a beauty?”