Everyone is alive,Cheers around the stadium thunderous。

“I rely on!!”
“What i see?!What i see?!Barb?!I am not wrong, right?!”
“This hula……So awesome!”
Li Qingqing slapped hard,The brightest smile on my face。
Song Jiajia is by her side,Turn your head and look around,I looked at those excited boys and girls in confusion,Each of them has an excited expression on their faces。
These same people,Once laughed at Hu Lai,Admire Hu Lai with a curious eye“Performance”。
But now they all seem to have become Hu Lai fans。
It’s as if they didn’t show up here to watch Hu Lai jokes,But it took two days of waiting,Waiting for this moment,Waiting for Hu Lai to jump in the air with a barb to score。
He had told Hu Lai before,Make a fool of、Being laughed at can be regarded as a man in a certain sense。after all,People like them,Want to be noticed,Isn’t there only one way??
but now……His tablemate,Don’t rely on fool,Don’t rely on being laughed at,Turned out to be a man of the world!
These people cheered for him,Scream and applause for him。
As his deskmate,Song Jiajia is very uncomfortable with today’s scene。
His eyes circled in place,Get a clear view of the carnival scene,In the end, I fell to Li Qingqing, who was beside me,There is no joy on his face,Only doubts and surprises,He doesn’t quite understand what he sees。He thought maybe Li Qingqing could explain it to herself。
The tall girl applauded like everyone else around,Smiled at him while turning his head:“Song Jiajia,It seems that your tablemate will not go to eat chicken with you。”