How to have perfect leg shape-stick to 2 things every day

How to have perfect leg shape?

Stick to 2 things every day

Any handsome guy or beauty wants to have long legs, and long legs cannot be separated from hereditary factors, but friends who are naturally short should not be discouraged. After all, long legs are inherited by three points and hard work by seven.

If our innate conditions cannot be changed, we can make unremitting efforts to make ourselves have perfect legs.

. insisting on two things every day and easily having a perfect leg shape has no inherent advantage, but can only rely on the efforts of the day after tomorrow.

It doesn’t matter if it’s not tall. If our legs can be thinner and the legs look better, then our legs will look longer.

So how do we have long legs?

  First, as the saying goes about strengthening leg movements, life lies in exercise, and many people usually have the habit of exercise.

But they all do whole body sports, such as swimming, running, playing basketball and so on.

If we can strengthen our leg movements every day, we can have perfectly slender legs.

  1, tiptoe When many people feel that they are not high enough, they will tiptoe.

The action of tiptoe seems simple, but in fact it has many benefits to the body.

But the action of tiptoe must be standard, otherwise it will be more effective.

  We straightened our legs, slowly lifted our heels, and lifted our toes.

The body must be kept steady, and it should take at least one minute to adhere to this movement.

Doing this often can stretch the ligaments of the legs, eliminate the excess meat on the big and small legs, and let our legs have the perfect leg shape.

  2. Stretching. When we are at home, we can lie on our back with our toes forward.

Then stretch and stretch the outside of the legs as a whole until the O-legs are straight.

Then we put our legs together, the insteps were straightened, and the pair was laid flat.

Keep doing this for at least one minute. Remember to do five or six sets of movements every day.

  Leg stretching seems to be very simple, but it is very important for the training of leg muscles and the shaping of lines.

Consistently doing this kind of exercise can reduce the excess meat in the legs, exercise the muscles in the legs, and shape the perfect leg shape.

  Second, a reasonable diet, whether it is to lose weight and shape up or prevent disease, we can not do without diet.

If we eat well, we can not only keep our bodies healthy, but also shape our perfect legs.

Many people’s legs are not good-looking, a large part of which is because the leg edema is more serious. Today, Xiaobian recommends several foods that reduce swelling and reduce meat.

  1. Seaweed Nori is a reprocessed product of aquatic seaweed. Seaweed is processed from seaweed after roasting. After seasoning, it is added with oil, salt and other seasonings. It is completely crisp and tender.Nutritional value.

Seaweed concentrates all the B vitamins in laver, and is rich in riboflavin and nicotinic acid. It is also rich in vitamin A, vitamin E and potassium, calcium, magnesium and other minerals.

  Not only that, seaweed is rich in cellulose. Cellulose and potassium can regulate the balance of body fluids. If you want to have slim jade legs, you must remember to eat more nori.

  2, sesame sesame is rich in vitamin E, B1, calcium, especially its “linseed oleic acid” component, which can remove cholesterol attached to the blood vessel wall, mill sesame into powder before eating, or buy sesame paste directlyTo fully absorb these beautiful legs nutrients!

  3. Bananas We often use bananas as a staple food, because this can reduce the effect of weight.

Banana contains potassium carbonate, which contains a relatively small amount, which has a good effect on slim legs and beautiful legs.

  4. Apple Apple is a well-known “fat-sucking” fruit. It can help the body metabolize excess salt in the body, and it is especially effective in preventing leg swelling.

  Concluding remarks: If you want to have the same long legs as a star, follow the above-mentioned content.

Choosing the right exercise can help us shape the legs, choosing a reasonable diet can help our extra aunts in the legs, long legs are no longer a dream!