Day: August 12, 2019

the Pei Yuanbo more puzzled: “But how do I feel this way Xiaoming, red only does he hate more?”Think red angry look in the afternoon, then empathy – though he did not understand, why should substitute its own red position, if someone pulling his hair, he would be very angry right?

  ”.”Dual down again,” your human emotional problems, you can not ask Artificial Intelligence?”I never learned it!They artificial intelligence, love learning, love the owner, what is love, that does not exist.
  ”Ok.”Peiyuan Bo can not help but throw in a disgusted expression – two yuan said it understands everything, in fact,.
  As Time Goes By, Days pass, home furnishings, also changed a lot杭州夜网.
  Located in the middle of the living room big picture, has changed to the second quarter, Peiyuan Bo is in junior high school when the family went to shoot, he was wearing a freshly baked “blue sky” uniforms, brilliant smile, sitting cross-legged parents grandmother among surrounded, anything seen before pictures of people, can see the changes in the family.
  Let me talk about Pei grandmother, the former negligent care, already messy white hair, has now been re-dyed black, also sat a fashionable perm, had increasingly severe hypertension, while adhering to medication, often re-examination of more than under terms of control and also to maintain a steady line, although not in the past agile legs, she would no longer be locked myself in the house, even on crutches, they have to go outside to buy food, and thought square dance, wi杭州桑拿th her privately their own old sister said that she was afraid that a few years before his own ruined body, she may want to live long lives, looking at her baby grandson, Sun-law to her to find it!
  And Yang Qiuping re looking for a job, she could not return to previous organization – stalled seven years, the school doe深圳桑拿网s not naturally keep that mouth, she is to the other universities in B city, as Church and State Department teachers, school and home not far from easy to come