Day: August 8, 2019

very fit, but this collar is too, too, too, right?He only felt a spark with lightning, I did not exaggerated, his hair almost exploded up, just difficult to survive, his head stuffed out.

  ”Grandma, this collar is a little narrow ah?”He could not help saying, think after this also may have eight sets of five hundred sixty-seven, he would have to think for themselves fight.
  ”You young people do not understand that.”Grandma looked like an experienced, criticize,” This was how cold winter wind 广州桑拿网ah?Of course, the collar is narrower, it will not sink into the wind, you look at those now popular sweater, all of them open hole in the boss, and so cold sick before regret.”
  At the same time there are a few hands make work shoes, shoe-making process grandmother Pei Yuanbo seen, the use of crochet hooks with hooks, though he did not quite understand the principle, but fortunately, caring grandmother, on the colorful color, do many interesting little pattern, he did not feel disgusted, I just feel all of which my grandmother’s mind, his feet into the go, feeling sweat should be out, not too warm.
  ”My gift is relatively simple.”Yang Qiuping also prepared in advance, and she was out of a box,” you go back and look at the night.”She pushed in the box on top, like a less nerve.
  Peiyuan Bo looked at the open, can see inside all 深圳桑拿网the envelope, he did not look, he was pulling her mother to go to eat, this meal special “characteristics of the South” of rice, Pei was removed Naochun looking for former students, asked the man from the eastern town that brought some specialties, local eat sundries back today afternoon, a grandmother pondering on these and Pei, and worked hard to prepare the evening until the end, let Yang Qiuping specially dragged better time.
  After dinner, the family get together and say a lot of chattering away, then watched two TV sets with only returned to their homes.
  Peiyuan Bo sat cross-legged on the bed, in front of the tray is open, seen on the side, still